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5 Largest Cat Breeds

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The 5 Largest Breeds of Domestic Cat in the World: in order from smallest to largest:

Number five is the Pixie-Bob, a large breed of cat who can be trained to walk on a leash, if training starts from an early age. Dog like in its behaviour, it is very loyal to its owners and will learn tricks for treats. Interestingly, this breed has five toes, rather than four like normal cats. This breed weighs, on average, 17.5 pounds, but males can weigh much more - up to 20 pounds, in fact.

Number four is the Maine Coon, which is a massive, fantastic family cat, renowned for being cuddle lovers and very fluffy, with their long, thick coats which come in a wide variety of colours. Almost coming up even with the Chausie and Safari cats, the Maine Coon weighs around 19 pounds, with males weighing much more - up to 25 pounds. A very docile breed, Maine Coons can be real couch potatos, content to sleep for the majority of the day-time, waking for food and attention.

Number three is the Safari, which weighs in at about 20 pounds, like the Chausie. They have a beautiful, Black spotted and streaked appearance. The spots being dark on a lighter, silken fur coat, which is short. They are usually a silver colour, making their black spots stand out even more. Males weigh much more than the females, and also stand taller.

Number two is the Chausie. Weighing on average, 20 pounds. This stunning cat is quite a spectacular sight, streaking gracefully across a lawn, looking like an orange and golden wild cat. They have slender, but muscular bodies, and they can jump very high and long distances. A very beautiful, intelligent breed, the Chausie is a highly sought-after cat breed, which makes an excellent family pet.

Number one is the Savannah. A huge, powerful cat, the Savannah is a cross between a domestic cat and a Serval. Serval's, on average, weigh up to 40 pounds, and the cross-bred Savannah weighs around 25 pounds. However, this breed can vary in size and weight greatly, and so some will exceed this by far. The tallest cat in the world was a Savannah called "Scarlett's Magic", a female who stood at 17.1 inches tall at the shoulder. She was put in the Guinness World Book of Records, where she still today holds her place as the tallest domestic cat. Playful, friendly, confident and beautiful all rolled into one huge cat: the Savannah really deserves marks for one of the best cat breeds in the world.

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