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The Aussiedor is a cross between the austrailian shepherd and the labrador retriever. It is a member of the hybrid dogs family. These are fairly new breeds but are quickly gaining popularity. This is a fairly large pet. It will usually range from 40 to 80 pounds when it is full grown. They have medium length hair and need grooming about once a week. They need to be fed twice a day consistantly.

Like the labrador retriever the Aussiedor can be clumsy and playful. This is a smart animal that is fun loving and generally good natured. This makes it a great family pet. It is also fairly easy to train when this done early. They are one of the easiest animals to housebreak and can usually be housebroke in less than a week with consistent training.

The Aussiedor has a very high activity level. It must be exercised every day. A good long walk is good for them. They also need a large yard to play in. However this dog is distinctly an indoor pet except for supervised activity. Consider this when buying or rescuing one.

Loving sports and other activities makes the Aussiedor a great dog for competitive dog sports. They also make good therapy dogs and are beginning to be used more for this purpose.

An Aussiedor needs to stay occupied to keep them out of trouble. They need small jobs and chores to keep them occupied. They can retrieve items for you and pull small things around with their mouths. They love people and make good companions for older people and children. They have a lifespan of about 10-13 years.

There are several issues related to the Aussiedor. They can have cataracts, hip dysplacia, and autoimmune thyroiditis. When purchasing an Aussiedor make sure the breeder can give you a guarantee of health. It is especially important to have proof of the parentage's health issues concerning the eyes. They can also have dental health problems A reputable breeder witll have proof of the animals overall health. Never accept an animal when the breeder assures you it is completely healthy without proof. It is not a good idea to purchase a dog from a pet store or puppy mill. A rescue shelter is an excellent place to get an Aussiedor or any other pet. Pet stores have a reputation of purchasing from puppy mills.As always do your research before making such an important choice.

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