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Best Dog Breeds for Hot Climates

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"Best Dog Breeds for Hot Climates"
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Do you live or are going to move to a warm climate area? Do you want a faithful companion that won’t leave your side and make you feel good at all times? Then you need a dog that is adaptable to a warm environment! There are many breeds out there that can stand up to hot and coarse weather. You just basically need to steer clear of dogs with lots of fur and thick undercoats, this can make them very miserable and it is the worst selection for you to pick a dog such as a Husky, for a warm weather habituated area such as Arizona. Here are some dog breeds that can live up to the heat.

Italian greyhound –

This long and skinny breed has very little fur and hair. They have a sleek build and are active, but will not mind the warm weather to run around in. They have bright and sparking eyes full of wonder and are very curious about their environment. They can live in one hundred degreed weather just fine and they will not just sit their with their tongue hanging out.

Australian cattle dog –

You may think this dog would not be a wise choice for a hot climate because they have a bit more fur than a sleek dog but this is not the case since this dog was practically born in heated weather! They have adapted well to the warm climate of Australian and are used for working dogs to herd together sheep and cattle. The weather combined with the hard work does not phase this breed at all so they are a very well suited choice.

Miniature pinscher –

This small breed has a very short coat and the weather does not tend to phase them that often. If it does they will lounge in a cooling spot for a few minutes before getting back up to play around. As a small terrier type of dog, they are excellent companion dogs.

Dalmatian –

The Dalmatian is another breed of dog that won’t mind a little heat. Yet again it is because of their very short coat and this is another upside for you as they require little grooming. They like to have fun and play sports even in a heated weather situation.

Other dog breeds that can match up to warmth include the Vizla, Border collie, whippet, American foxhound and Labrador. There is no need to worry about the heat with these breeds.  

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