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Best Dog Breeds for Protecting Livestock

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"Best Dog Breeds for Protecting Livestock"
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Do you have an animal farm and have some livestock that needs to be protected from pesky predators? Or are just researching and wanting to know which dogs are best suited for guarding livestock? Either way there are many dogs that have been used for this very purpose over time and are still doing what they do best today. Which breeds are the most capable of shielding livestock from harm and keeping them out of trouble?

Australian cattle dog –

This breed is very common in saving the lives of sheep, cows, goats, etc. They are excellent at herding livestock two and froe and do their very best at watching over them and keeping sure there is no trouble afoot. These dogs are very intelligent at what they do and have been one of the top choices for cattle owners for many years. Being a very sturdy breed, they tend to scare of animals easily and make sure all the livestock are safe and sound. They are happy at all times and very loving. Since they have a job to do, they need utmost exercise to keep them active!

Bearded collie –

These dogs look a lot like a sheep dog, another good guarding dog. They have lots of fur covering their face and have the appearance of an old man somewhat. They are excellent at moving sheep and cattle alike and have a great length of intelligence to know exactly what to do when it comes to them moving off on the wrong side. They work well on hilly areas and are very much known to service livestock in Australia, Iceland, and the United States.

 Carpathian Shepherd dog –

These dogs are very beautiful and strong. They have a high astuteness and are capable of many tasks. One very interesting fact is that these dogs have a very rustic and age old feel, mainly because they are said to be a descendant from about eight thousand years ago. These dogs were very following of humans and still are today. They are known to guard livestock in the Carpathian mountains as well as other farmlands all across Romania. These dog is very protective of his master and will guard them from any large animals, as well as the livestock from potential dangers. They fight their way through with dignity!

Other livestock guarding dogs include the German shepherd, Beauceron, and Australian shepherd. Most dogs in general have a high capability to learn quickly when guarding cattle.

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