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Cat Beds Give your Cat a Great Place to Sleep with a Comfortable Cat Bed

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"Cat Beds Give your Cat a Great Place to Sleep with a Comfortable Cat Bed"
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Cats love to sleep! It is estimated that cats sleep an average of fifteen hours a day. It is therefore important that you get the right bed for your cat. There are many cat beds to choose from ranging from simple to fancy cat beds. Here are some features to look for in choosing a comfortable cat bed for your cat.


It is very important that cat beds be washable. This reduces odor and limits the possibilities of fleas.


Most cats prefer to sleep curled up in a ball. They do not require large beds and actually prefer a warm, cozy spot where they feel safe and are away from drafts. Be sure the cat has enough room to get in, and out, of the bed easily and that they can comfortably curl up and snooze.


Each cat in the household should have their own bed. Cats enjoy privacy, and while some may choose to sleep together, they will appreciate the option of having their own space.


Natural, washable, fabrics are best suited for cat beds. Choose whichever color or pattern appeals to you, compliments your dcor or best hides the cat fur. The fabric should be durable and not easily torn be a cat's scratching or chewing. Any filling material must be safe.


Cat beds come in a wide variety of shapes. There are fancy cat beds shaped like sofas and there are cheap cat beds which are just a thick mat to put on the floor. Some cats prefer a great deal of privacy and will be happiest in a covered cat bed which allows them to be almost completely hidden from view. Others like a cushy blanket they can knead and shape into the perfect bed. Donut shaped cat beds are especially popular. Their siding provides cats with a safe environment protected from drafts. Wicker cat beds are another popular style. They look great in your home while offering your cat privacy. However, many cats are tempted to chew on the wicker or use it to sharpen their claws.


Older cats, or those with mobility issues, should be provided with firm bedding for added support. You will also need to take their age, and mobility, into consideration if purchasing a bed with sides. Your cat should be able to access the bed easily.

Heated cat beds are great for nursing cats, cats that are ill and even kittens. Do not use a heated bed if your cat is immobile. They should be able to move away from the heat source if they are getting too warm.


Low-end cat bed prices start at under $10 and include popular fleece donut shaped beds and mats. High-end cat beds can reach prices close to $200 and are designed to fit easily into a luxury home's dcor.

Whether you opt for luxury or convenience, the most important things to consider when deciding on a cat bed should be the comfort and safety of your cat. Give them a warm, cozy, private spot to call their own. Keep them free from drafts, allow them easy access, and keep their personalities in mind when making a cat bed choice.


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