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The Highland Lynx is member of the bob cat family. The Highland lynx was a result of breeding a Jungle Curl cat and a Desert Link cat. These beautiful cats were breed for the sole purpose of allowing people to own what looks like a "wild" cat.


The Highland lynx is a beautiful cat that can be born any color with striped or spotted markings like that of a wild cat. While some of the cats are born with curled ears some have straight ears (like all domestic cats) often they have six toes per paw. Their tail may be a little stub or a very long tail (longer than domestic cats.) The average adult weights between 18 and 22 pounds and stands two to two and a half feet tall. They have muscular bodies and their hair can be either long or short.


Many owners claim their Highland lynx acts more like a dog than a cat. Claiming they are very intelligent and can be taught to do many things such as; fetch, follow simple commands (sit, stay and fetch), they like water and enjoy going for walks.

They do not stalk prey, or pose any threat to other household pets. They are loveable and very gentle and they are not territorial like domestic cats. They get along with all animals. However they do enjoy catching a mouse or two now and then.


They eat the same diet you would feed a domestic kitten or cat. They do require larger portions of cat food and need to be feed more often to satisfy their larger appetites.


The Highland lynx requires the same vaccinations as a domestic cat and neutering and spaying is recommended unless you plan to breed them. Their claws should be clipped every week as they grow faster than domestic cats nails.

Highland lynx cats can be purchased for $300 to $700 plus the cost of paper work and shipping. The cats are shipped in pet friendly crates on airplanes. There are several dozen websites that sell these beautiful cats. Most will not have a litter until the spring.


Each litter produces four to seven kittens weighting between one and two and a half pounds and the average lenght is four to 12 inches long. They are born with their eyes closed, which will open in a day or two. They stay with their month until they are six to eight weeks old.

Sometimes these kittens are born with gentic disorders so the breeders must be careful when deciding which cats to breed if one has the white (deaf gene) they can't breed it with a cat that has the blue eye gene (white fur and blue eyes usually produce a deaf kitten in any type of cat.)


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