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Most cats’ meow when they are in need of something, but then there are some cat’s that meow all the time.  While you may not mind a few meows here and there it can become very nerve racking when it becomes a continual occurrence. Here are a few reasons why cat’s meow all the time.

Food, water and litter boxes

If your cat is continually meowing there are several things you can do to see if his needs are met. Check his food and water bowl first. If they are empty this could be the reason for their insistent meowing. If these are fine your next step would be to check his litter box. Sometimes if his litter box needs a little attention he does not feel like using it and this may become a reason for his meowing.


Another reason for a cat to keep meowing is from sheer boredom. This can be fixed by spending a little time with him. Cats do not always feel like exercising on their own and this is the time when you have to get involved to make play happen. Grab one of his favorite toys and spend some quality time with him. He is not only getting exercise but you have probably made his day with the attention he is getting.

Wants outside

Cat’s try to communicate with sound it is up to you to find out what it means. Cat’s can meow if they want outside and need your assistance on making that happen. If you have taken your cat out on a leash a few times he is smart enough to know you can do it again. If everything else in his world is fine grab his leash and give him a walk around the backyard. This may be just what he needs.

Deterrents for excessive meowing

If all your cat’s needs are met and he still insist on meowing you may have a spoiled cat on your hands. If this is the case then it is up to you to change this habit. When your cat starts meowing for no apparent reason softly tell him to shush. If this does not work and do not be surprised if it does not use a stronger tone of voice and tell him to be quiet. You may or may not get a reaction with this method. If it does not work the next step is to have a spray bottle near you filled with water. A few squirts of water will deter him from meowing.

Cats are very smart and it will not take long for them to get the idea that enough is enough when it comes to their meowing. You will find they will get a little more selective in what they're meowing for. As long as their needs are met there is really no need for them to be continually meowing so it is up to you how long you want to put up with it. These are a few of the reasons why some cat’s meow all the time.

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