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Causes of Dogs Walking in Circles

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If you are a dog owner perhaps you have noticed your dog walking in circles at different times. This can be caused from something as simple as a built in trait from their ancestors to something a little more formidable such has an underlying disease although this is only in rare cases. Here are some causes of dogs walking in circles.

Circling before lying down

You may have seen your dog circling before lying down; this is thought to have stemmed from his ancestors in the wild where they circled to make their bed a little more comfortable. In the wild they would have to have slept on leaves, bare ground or snow and would have had to do a little work to make their bodies fit snuggly into where they were sleeping. It is thought that this is the reason they still turn in circles today before settling into their beds.

A poop circle

Another circle that any dog owner will know is when a dog is circling trying to find a place to go to the bathroom. This is a very good sign for an inside dog to be placed outside in a hurry. Dogs have to find just the right place to poop and will circle before eliminating. Some dogs will take many circles while other will just circle a few times. It is a good indication that your dog wants to go and one that should not be ignored.


If your dog has been infected with mites and left untreated he may start to circle due to the mites making his ears very uncomfortable. If the mite infestation is bad enough it can lead to ear infection which may cause him to turn in circles. It may also cause him to be off balanced. If you suspect your dog have ear mites you should seek your veterinarians advice on getting treatment for your dog.

Neurological problems

Neurological problems are perhaps the most serious form of dogs circling. This can be brought on by distemper, a brain tumor or many of the serious diseases that affect dogs. Most of these serious diseases affects the brain and interferes with the motor skills of the dog. If you suspect that your dogs circling are due to a serious disease get him to your vet immediately for help.

Most dogs circle for very common reasons that usually do not present a problem but there are illnesses that can be the cause of dog’s walking in circles. These are the ones you have to be able to distinguish from the others. With any illness there will be other signs present which will make it easier for you to acknowledge. Once you know the causes of dogs walking in circles you are well on your way to be able to distinguish one from the other.

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