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Causes of Facial Swelling in Cats

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"Causes of Facial Swelling in Cats"
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If you find your cats face is swollen it is not all doom and gloom and can be something as simple as a bee sting. You will find that the swelling may be quite obvious but there is no pain in this. If your cat is not allergic to stings this ailment will soon pass and your kitty will be fine. If the sting is accompanies by an infection you may find it a little more problematic.

Acetaminophen toxicity

If you have administered acetaminophen recently you may take note on how much time elapsed from the administration and the swelling of your cats face.  For some unknown reason Acetaminophen will cause this reaction in some cats. It is a poisoning of sorts and the reaction to this poisoning is the swelling of the face. However there are other symptoms that accompany this such as the cat’s paws may become itchy and their gums may turn a brown color instead of the healthy pink that is usually present.


A blow to some part of a cat’s body usually causes hematomas and the most common area is the cat’s head. If your cat is an outside cat it can run into many dangers that would cause a hematoma on a cat.  There is another reason for hematoma, which is your cat may be suffering from some type of bleeding disorder. This is a little uncommon than an injury from trauma to the cat. This type of injury may be painful to your cat and if your cat has a light colored coat you may be able to see the bruised skin underneath.

Muscle inflammation

Inflammation is perhaps the most common reason why your cats face may be swelling. These symptoms can usually be found on the lower jaw or somewhere at the top of the head. Inflammation is pretty common in cats but should be looked at by a veterinarian.

Cats can get into all sorts of mischief and you may never know the reason your cats face is swelling. If you notice any kind of change in your cats face and head you should always visit your veterinarian so he can diagnose what is causing it. Sometimes the reasons for swelling are cancer so it is well worth the trip to your veterinarian. For an infection your veterinarian can place your cat on antibiotics. For allergies it is a matter of finding what your cat is allergic to. Regardless of the cause your vet will know the causes of facial swelling in cats and help get him back to normal.

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