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Causes of Head Shaking in Cats

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"Causes of Head Shaking in Cats"
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Cats can exhibit many kinds of behavior throughout their lives. Some of these come naturally while others can leave you a little perplexed as to what is going on. When a cat starts shaking his head it can range from a dirty ear to something, which is rare, but do occur and that is a tumor. Here are some of the potential causes of head shaking in cats.

Ear infection

Ear infections should be at the top of the list of suspects if your cat is shaking his head often. Ear infection can be painful as well as uncomfortable for cats. You can verify if your cat is suffering from ear infection by examining them. If you notice that the ear is red and there is a foul odor coming from the ear there is a good chance that your cat has this. You should take your cat to your veterinarian to seek treatment for an ear infection.


Allergies can also produce head shaking in your cat. This can be from any of the allergens that lay around your home or outside. Sometimes it can be a reaction to a fleabite, pollen that is picked up or the diet you are feeding your cat. You can help your cat by eliminating all suspected allergens and start over by reintroducing your cat to them slowly. This way you can narrow down what your cat is allergic to.

Foreign objects

If your cat is an outdoor cat they are exposed to more than an inside cat would be. Anyone of those things can lodge in your cat’s ear causing him to shake his head. An outside cat that encounters foxtail may have some of this plant lodge in his ear causing the problem. It can also be as simple as a ball of hard wax lodged inside the ear that will not come loose. If you cannot find the source of the foreign body on the outside of the ear lining it is better to take you cat to a veterinarian. He knows how to get inside the ear canal without causing damage and remove the object.

Ear mites

Ear mites can cause your cat a lot of misery especially if they are left untreated. A cat will also shake his head due to this. You can check for ear mites by looking inside the ear that is visible to the eye. Check for any brown to reddish discharge coming from the ear or surrounding the area, which would be mite poop. This is a sure sign of ear mites. You can treat this infestation yourself or take your cat to a veterinarian.

There are other reasons for a cat to shake his head but they are more rare than those mentioned above. These include any type of trauma to the head, the growth of polyps and tumors growing inside. If you are in doubt of the causes of head shaking in your cat it is best to seek medical help.

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