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Causes of Head Shaking in Dogs

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"Causes of Head Shaking in Dogs"
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Causes of head shaking in dogs can range from something very common to something a bit more serious going on. However, the most common reasons for head shaking in dogs is an outer ear infection, allergies or perhaps a mite infection which are all very easy to deal with. Long floppy eared dogs are more prone to ear infections than with other breeds. Here are some reasons why your dog may be shaking his head.

Ear infections

Ear infections are easy to detect by the owner. All you have to do is lift your dog's ears and look inside. If they are infected they will look red and aggravated. Smell your dog's ears. If they are infected with a yeast or bacterial infection they will have a foul smelling odor.

A dog with an ear infection should be seen by your veterinarian and followed up at home with his instruction. Your vet will prescribe antibiotics and ear wash to clean up the infection.


If your dog is continually scratching his ears check them for mites. These little creatures love closed, warm moist places and a long eared dog provides this. Although mites are not as frequent in dogs as they are in cats they can infect some dog's ears. To prevent this clean your dogs ears frequently. If the infestation is bad enough see your veterinarian.

Mites are very difficult to see with the naked eye but you can see the results of them being in the ear by the specks of poop they leave behind. This is presented in small brown specks that can be seen with the naked eye like specks of dirt.


Allergies can produce head shaking in dogs. The way you can help your dog is to find out what your dog is allergic to. This will sometimes take a bit of doing on your part. If you think he is allergic to food then you may have to remove all the foods you have been feeding your dog and replace it with a diet of rice mixed with boiled chicken or beef. After a few days bring back other foods to his diet slowly until you find the food that was causing the head shaking.

Keep in mind that there may be something in your dog's environment causing the allergy. Once the allergen has been removed the head shaking should stop. Always check with your veterinarian if you are in doubt.

Head shaking is really common in dogs but you do need the advice of your veterinarian. In rare cases your dog could be suffering from a brain tumor or disease but is usually accompanied by a dog being unbalance as well as other symptoms. For common head shaking the head shaking is a problem that is very easy to fix with the help of your veterinarian and your attention to your dogs ears.

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