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Common Health Problems in Chow Chow Dogs

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"Common Health Problems in Chow Chow Dogs"
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Dog health: Common health problems of the Chow Chow...The Chow Chow was first Registered by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 1903. When you first see a Chow Chow you'll be amazed at its unusual tongue which is black-blue in its color. The tongue grabs your attention immediately and it has a beautiful coat which can vary in colors of black, red, blue, fawn and cream. Its coat is dense and very coarse in texture and it has a pronounced ruff around its neck and head making the eyes appear squinted.

Chow Chow dogs are noted for several health issues, and if you are considering buying one, you might want to check the Online Encyclopaedia for the health problems of this breed of dogs, and if you buy a Chow, you might want to think about getting insurance. Listed below are several of the health issues Chow's suffer from:

(1) Glaucoma: As the pressure within the eye increases, it can lead to blindness so it is important to have their eye pressure levels checked. Glaucoma can be a serious optic condition and it can cause much pain for the dog. This disease can be inherited or brought on by a variety of eye disorders, i.e., tumors, inflammation, and taxation of the lens. An indicator your dog is having problems with his/her sight is a constant rubbing and redness.

(2) Hormonal problems, allergies, and skin: You should ask the breeder of your Chow about any hereditary problems they may have suffered due to skin and hormonal problems. If you have a Chow and you notice him/her scratching a lot or their skin looks red and infected get him/her to a Vet soonest.

(3) Heat Prostration: Do not allow your Chow to be outside on hot days. Keep them in a cool place because of their thick coarse hair.

(4) Bloat: If you feed your dog too much, it will cause him/her to get a case of bloat or gastric torsion, this is a sudden illness caused by air filling the stomach and causing it to twist. This can be a life-threatening illness called gastric torsion for your Chow.

(5) Diabetes: Many dogs can have this disorder which causes it body the inability to produce a proper amount of insulin. Most dogs get this disease at about the age of five to seven years old. It's important to keep your dog's weight under control.

(6) Hip dysplasia: It is a malformed hip joint that doesn't fit into the hip socket properly where the femoral head lies. This can lead to serious pain, lameness and arthritis. This can be treated with surgery. This is a congenital condition and any dog who has hip dysplasia should not be bred. To prevent you from buying a dog with this condition, be sure to ask if the sire and the dam have had an Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) has x-rayed their hips.

(7) Luxating patella: Is a hereditary condition where a small, flat and mobile bone in front of their knee is dislocated. This happens in Chow's who are overweight. This condition can also be corrected with surgery.

(8) Ruptured or torn ligaments: A Chow has straight rear legs and this causes too much strain of their ligaments. This can easily result in torn and ruptured cruciate ligaments. Do not allow your Chow to over excercise.

(9) Entropion: Is another medical condition a Chow can suffer with. If their parents have any signs of runny eyes or if they have any of their puppies suffering with runny eyes this is an indicator their eyelids may be inverted (the inversion of the eyelids or the turning inward). This causes eye irritation which can cause your Chow to go blind. Entropion can be corrected with surgery if it is caught in time.

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