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Common Health Problems in Ragdoll Cats

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"Common Health Problems in Ragdoll Cats"
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Overall a ragdoll cat comes with very few inherited health problem yet they are susceptible to common health problems. Ragdoll cats can suffer from the same types of health problems as other cats such as hairballs, upper respiratory infections, worms and urinary infections. Perhaps the only place that ragdolls differ from other cats is in the sensitivity of the stomach. Some ragdoll cats will vomit frequently due to eating to fast or too much and from the consumption of too much hair from his thick coat. Here are a few of the health problems and how you can help your ragdoll in avoiding or getting over them.


While your Ragdoll cat sports a very beautiful coat, this coat can prove to cause a few problems for your cat. Ragdolls are noted for their fastidious cleaning so therefore they ingest the hair which becomes hairballs. These hairballs will make your ragdoll vomit a bit more than other cats. You can help your Ragdoll by giving him daily grooming which will cut down on the amount of hair ingested.

 Although Ragdolls are very good at taking care of themselves you can give a helping hand by brushing or combing their coats. This will cut down on the hairballs and also help with any shedding around your home. There are many hairball products on the market that will help him in digesting this hair.

Upper respiratory infections

Ragdolls can get upper respiratory infections the same as other cats. When Ragdoll cats are suffering from this affliction you may see them refuse to eat. This is due to not being able to smell. It is the same as a head cold in humans only with cats if they cannot smell they will not eat. If you think your Ragdoll is suffering from an upper respiratory infection he really needs to see a veterinarian.

Urinary tract infections

Your Ragdoll may also get urinary tract infections which are common in cats.  If your Ragdoll has this problem you can easily tell as he will be visiting the litter box more often and perhaps with very little success. If your cat urinates at all it may be accompanied by loud cries of discomfort.

Some Ragdoll will stop using the litter box and instead you may find deposits of urine in corners around your home. This is partly due to your cat associating the litter box with pain. If you suspect that your Ragdoll cat is suffering from a urinary tract infection it is best to seek medical advice for treatment.


Just as any cat your Ragdoll cat can get all types of worms but this can easily be taken care of by your veterinarian. There are many de-worming products on the market but you should seek the advice of your veterinarian first to see what type of worm he is suffering from. This can be done with the examination of his stool by you or the veterinarian.  Your veterinarian will chose the best medication for your Ragdoll cat to rid him of these parasites.

Ragdoll cats come with very little health problems but they can get the same common health problems that all cats suffer from at one time or another. Just like other cats they need to have dental checkups, nails clipped and general care that any cat deserves.  On the whole Ragdoll cats are a very healthy breed but they are susceptible to common health problems. Ragdoll cats will only suffer the same common problems that all cats are noted for.

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