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Disadvantages of Owning a Cat

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"Disadvantages of Owning a Cat"
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The Cat I Love to Hate

Cats are such unique creatures that defy obedience training. Some claim dogs are smarter, but an animal who desire human interaction while maintaining individuality cannot be too dumb. This challenge to share your home with an organism that thinks it is their home.The biggest disadvantage of owning a cat is that you do not own a cat.

A Cat Picks You

Cats choose their master. Since they choose, it is wrong to claim the title master. Cats may have wonderful homes with good and plentiful food, warm space to sleep, and adequate veterinarian care, but want to interact with others. Cats that belong to neighbors come up and rub against you as the means to mark you as theirs.

They might even walk into garages while you are emptying the trunk and hear a cat meowing later who cannot find his/her way out of the garage. You need to be careful to allow them to escape without providing entrance into the home. The hiding places in the home are too numerous.

If a car sits outside, they like to sit on the car of someone the cat has adopted. To leave means caution because they sometimes climb up into the body the car. The Cat may annoy you but you do not wish it to design in a painful manner.

A Cat had to accept a new baby to the family, but did not. For two years, he avoided the baby. If the baby was in a room the cat needed to enter, he walked along the walls or around the furniture against the wall. He did this for two years. On the baby's second birthday, the baby was sitting on the floor amid his new toys. The cat came in from the front door walked straight to the baby, nudged him in the head, and walked away. From than on he allowed the child to play rough with him even though he never let anyone else rub him to wrong way. The family never really knew whether he accepted the child or learned to love him.


Cats are such prolific gift givers. Do you have a good mouser? Have you wondered why they have to share the prize of their hunt? Cats share when we view their gift as a disadvantage.

Picky Picky Picky

Cats know what they like and will find a way to tell you.. A cat was economical because he only likes dry cat food. He only insisted the food be fresh, but you could empty his bowl back into the bag and refill the bowl. He did not like canned cat food. The owner bought many versions to try to give him a treat. To no avail until he was given canned tuna. This became his treat.

Cats we love in our lives offer friendship when they offer. An easy to care for pet that may or may choose you, you can love to hate.

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