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Distinguishing between Mountain Lions and Bobcats

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"Distinguishing between Mountain Lions and Bobcats"
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Have you ever truly wondered, 'is that a bobcat or is it a mountain lion'? Well, first of all, there is a size difference between the two. The mountain lion is usually around 6 feet long while the bobcat is around 3 feet long both from nose to tail. The bobcat is more of what's consider a varmint-like coyote, and the mountain lion is a big game predator. The mountain lion tends have the solid, dirty yellow color in its fur and feeds off of deer. The bobcat has that lighter brow and yellow colored as well as spotted fur and they will eat anything they can kill and they become scavengers sometimes. Both of these cats are very good at stalking their prey. There have been many cases where people can be a few feet in front of a bobcat and not even notice until they look very closely; they themselves are also very still not knowing for sure.

The bobcats have a very small tail, hence the name bobcat because of their bobbed tail. On the other hand, a mountain lion has a very long tail. Bobcats have very pointed ears with their fur building upon the point while the mountain lion remains a solid color all around its fur. The mountain lion is much less seen than the bobcat both rare to see but, the mountain lion is much less seen always chasing down deer much faster than the bobcat and both are amazing stalkers that cats tend to be.  

The mountain lion will stalk anything that seems to endanger it, such as people. They have killed people and because they are huge cats, invading their areas wouldn't be considered smart. The lions are also some of the animals that tend to get in the way of the deer hunting and cause a threat. The bobcat tends to be afraid of humans but will even attempt to stalk them; to be safe they can even take down small fawns of young deer. The bobcat may be small but it's still a main contributor to the rabbit population alongside the coyotes! These cats are both quite magnificent creatures and are treasures to spot them out in the wild, just be very careful, you never know what might happen. Good luck out there and hopefully you learned a little about the differences to be able to classify which is which! 


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