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Bats, to many members of human-kind, are seen as a vile, threatening creature that has only a large, negative connotation. However, contrary to popular belief, the bat is in fact an excellent candidate for a household, domestic pet. This winged, organic, mammalian creature makes a great companion and can accomplish many household tasks, increasing the owner's quality of life.

Acquiring a Bat as a Pet

Bats are quite the creature, flying through the use of not their eyes, but through the use of their echoing radar-like functions. Thus, bats mobilize during only the most nocturnal moments of the night. Thus it is imperative that one who aspires to acquire a bat seeks the specified goal during the late hours of the night. Common bat-catching accessories include a fishing net, a tranquiliser of your choice, and of course a camera to take a picture of your new friend. Tranquilizer can often be procured at a local pharmacy. Catching a bat is simple - simply throw the net over the creature. Bats are easily domesticated, and can be left to roam free indoors.

Domesticating the Bat

Bats, like all other creatures of the planet earth, once prowled, flew and swam in the wilderness, so your new bat companion will not obey you if you have plucked him straight from the wild. Make sure before letting your bat fly freely around the house, close all the windows and doors, because the bat will want to make it out and get as far away as possible. If you are going to go out of the house, making sure your bat doesn't escape while you open the front door is very important. Before leaving catch your bat with a fishing net or butterfly net, for more cluttered households. Put him in a contained room or area of your house, don't put the bat in a small container like a cat-carrier because it will scare him. Eventually the bat will become accustomed to you, your family, and your home, and if you feed and take care of him properly, he wont try to escape anymore. Even if he does accidentally escape, he will most likely come right back, because living in your house will be better than the wild.

Caring for and Maintaining your bat

Proper bat care is crucial for having a bat companion live in your house, an unhappy bat means a potentially dangerous wild animal. Bats diet contains foods such as moths, butterflies, and any other kind of flying insect. In the wild, bats hunt for insect using echolocation, where they send out sound and wait for an echo. But if the bat is living in a house where it is almost impossible for this kind of hunting to be done, you will have to feed your bat like any other domestic animal. The easiest way to do this is to leave the insect of your choice out on a platter high above where other people in the house can see it, for example, on top of the fridge; that is a great place because it is out of sight, easily accessible for the bat, and out of sight, because a platter of dead insects is not something you want sitting around the house, that would be quite disgusting.


Bats can make a great pet, especially if your job requires you to get up in the late hours of the night, because that is the only time where you will get to see your new bat friend fly around the house.

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