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The Brazilian Guard dog, also called the Fila Brasileiro or the Brazilian Fila, is a dog that was bred for the purpose of guarding the plantations of Brazil in the nineteenth century. They were bred by combining Bulldogs, Mastiffs, and Bloodhounds. The result of this was a dog that is able to scent track as well as protect and defend. They have excellent noses and their size and strength are a deterrant to most would-be thieves or others with less than honorable intentions. This breed is able to be registered with the FCI in the Mastiff category.

The Brazilian Guard dog's most notable feature is its size and strength. The body is extremely well-muscled and square, with an enormous head. The breed has a fair amount of wrinkles in the skin, especially on the face and neck. The ears are medium length and drooped down. The eyes hold that typical hound dog expression, looking sad when at rest, but becoming instantly alert and excited when something interests the dog. The tail is tapered and carried with a slight curve. The coat is very short and the acceptable coat colors are yellow, brindle, red, reddish brown, or silver. A small amount of white is accepted, but not preferred, and masks or dark ears are fully acceptable.

The temperament of the Brazilian Guard dog should be understood fully by anyone considering getting one. This is not your average dog and it is not typically suited to being the average family pet. The breed is the only known one that was intentionally bred to not like humans other than the family that raised them. Even in show, the dog is not to be touched and according to regulations, if the dog attacks a judge, there is to be no negative effect on the scoring. This is what the dog should do, it is what they are bred to do. Temperament testing requires that the dog attack fearlessly and show no timidity or lack of confidence. They must also pass a shooting test, with no wavering whatsoever.

With its own family, the Brazilian Guard dog can be very affectionate and loving. It is extremely loyal and will protect its loved ones at all costs. There is, however, usually no cost to the dog due to its mass and strength. They are the winners in almost every case when they must defend and protect. This dog should be well-trained and socialized very early on. The owner must be confident and strong in their position as pack leader, never allowing the dog to take over and be in control. The Brazilian Guard dog must be trained with a firm hand and complete consistency, as well as effective human to canine communication. This breed is not for everyone and should only be acquired by those with a true understanding of the dog's purpose and temperament.

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