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"Dog Breeds for Cat Owners Low Prey Drive Dog Breeds Dogs Tolerant of Cats"
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Cats and dogs have a history of being portrayed as natural enemies yet, owners that have raised cats and dogs together can provide plenty of testimonials supporting that cats and dogs can get along and even live in harmony. The secret often is allowing them to grow up together, which means raising puppies and kittens together from a young age.

While this is the best and ideal method, adult cats and dogs introduced later in life can still get along together if given ample time to get to accept each other and if the owners provide timely corrections to any unwanted behaviors.

As much effort, however, as one may put into training cats and dogs to get along, in some cases, there is not much that can be done to prevent nature to take its course. Indeed, there are dog breeds that have an inherited impulse to chase, injure and even kill small animals regardless of the training methods involved.

This is called ''prey drive'' and many times it is genetically instilled deep into the dog's genetic core leaving small place for changes. High prey drive dog breeds are those that have been used for years by humans to chase and hunt small animals or that have inherited hunting attitudes because of their survival instincts. There are also some dogs that love to chase small animals just because they get a kick out of it, regardless if their intention is to kill or play a game.

While one cannot really generalize on which dog breeds are not suitable for feline households because there are exceptions especially when the dog and cats are raised together at a young age, there is evidence that some dog breeds have higher prey drives than other breeds, therefore upping the likeliness that it may be challenging to make them get along with your feline friend.

Dog Breeds with High Prey Drive

Afhgan Hound

Akita Inu

Alaskan Malamute

Australian Cattle Dog



Border Collie


Doberman Pincher


Jack Russell Terrier


Norvegian Elkhound


Shiba Inu



Yorkshire Terrier

The above are dog breeds that generally may not do well with cats. If they were raised with cats and trained to respect them, they still should not be left unsupervised with cats. Some dogs know they must respect cats in the owner's presence but once the owner turns around the dog may take advantage of its primal instincts.

More Tolerant Dog Breeds:

Australian Shepherd

Boston Terrier


Cavalier King Charles



Golden Retriever

Labrador Retriever








The above dog breeds are breeds that are generally tolerant of cats. Yet, no generalization can be done, as each dog has its own personality.

The above lists therefore, are not a black and white declaration, rather they just simply list breeds of dogs that are more likely to chase and view cats as prey and dogs that are more ready to accept cats as a friend. It is ultimately, the cat owner's responsibility to do good research on the dog's breed and temperament before adopting a dog and allowing him/her to co-habitat with cats.

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