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From personal experience with a dog that had seizures it can be frightening to watch and very worrisome. A seizure happens when is thought to be caused by an alterations of signals to the brain especially when a lot of the brain cells are stimulated all at once. Some dog breeds are more prone to seizures than other although depending on the dog and the circumstances any dog breed may be prone to seizures. Here are dog breeds prone to seizures more than others.


Beagles make wonderful pets but there are in the class of dogs that are more likely to experience seizures. The seizures have really nothing to do by your Beagle's normal excitement but rather it is the transmission of the neurons in the brain. This can come on for no apparent reason or be triggered by some environmental factors. Not every Beagle experiences seizures but the breed does have a higher percentage of having them. These seizures usually come in the form of Epilepsy which may only be diagnosed by your veterinarian after your dog has suffered a seizure. The causes of seizures are unknown.

Belgian Tervurens

The beautiful Belgian Tervuren is on the list for breeds that are likely to suffer from seizures. They are a breed that is generally healthy and may or may not experience seizures. You can lessen the chances of seizures in your Belgian Tervuren is to be very careful of the breeder you buy from. Always examine the linage of both parents for any inherited health problems. This is not a guarantee but can help you choose wisely.


Despite their intelligence and beauty the Collie is on the list of dogs that are affected by seizures. This can be inherited as well as bring environmental factors that influence the seizures. Once again it is to your advantage to seek out a reputable breeder that can show you the health status of both of the Collies parents to cut the chance of your Collie having seizures.

Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are also another breed that has a high occurrence of seizures. This may be inherited or caused by low blood sugar, low thyroid, and infections in the brain, the ingestion of toxins, brain tumors and sometimes even vaccinations can be a factor. These environmental influences can apply to any dogs that suffer from seizures.

Other dogs that are known to have a high occurrence of Epileptic seizures are the British Alsatians, Dachshunds, Keeshonds and Labrador Retrievers. Some poodles and Cocker Spaniels also may suffer from seizures. With the uncertainty of what causes seizures in these breeds the best way to combat it is by using a reputable breeder to purchase your dog and make sure to check out the parent's history of health. As stated above not all dogs of these breeds develop Epileptic seizures and should not influence you in making one of these wonderful breeds your own.

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