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Ancona Duck

The Ancona is a native to Great Britain, where it was developed from Huttegen and Runner ducks in the twentieth century. It has a foundation stock similar to that of Magpie duck. They were first introduced to the USA public in 1983 in an exhibition in Oregon and became available to the public in 1984. However they are still rare in the USA.

Physical Appearance of the Ancona Duck:

The Ancona Duck weighs an average of 6 pounds and has a stocky appearance which is relatively more so than the Magpie Duck. Its head is medium sized and oval in shape, the slightly concave bill is neither too short nor too long. The neck is also average but it arches forward and the body carriage of the Ancona Duck is 20 degrees. It has a broken and mottled plumage with no set design. White with any color is usually the color scheme and there are broken patches on all over the body, neck and head. This type of plumage is unique in itself.

The neck of the Ancona Duck is usually white in color, bill has black or green spots but is mainly yellow and the feet and legs have brown marks on then and are orange in color. These marks grow in number as the Ancona Duck ages.  The available color varieties in the Ancona Ducks are chocolate and white, black and white, blue and white, silver and white and lavender and white.

Characteristics of the Ancona Duck:

The Ancona Duck is an all purpose duck with a hardy and adaptable disposition.  An average yearly egg production of the Ancona Duck is 280, which is exceptionally good. It grows in very little time and the meat is high is flavor and less fatty as compared to other Pekin duck varieties.

The Ancona Ducks loves to forage and can easily gulp down large banana slugs in no time. They are ideally suited as pond ducks as they stay close to home never fly off and their size makes them unsuitable preys for predators. Their mild temperament makes them good pets.

When choosing the Ancona Ducks as pets, go for the ones that are vigorous, have typical breed traits and are free of physical deformities. If you are a breeder, give first preference to the productivity of the eggs as Ancona Ducks are exceptional layers.

With their tasty meat, good yearly egg production and mild disposition, the Ancona Ducks are a welcome addition o any farmstead or backyard.

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