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Facts about Silver Dollar Fish

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The Silver Dollar fish belongs to the Serrasalmidea family. There are approximately a dozen species of the Silver Dollar including the Myleus Lippincottianus. The most popular aquarium species of the Silver Dollar is the Metynnis Argenteus.

In this article the information provided will be for the Metynnis Argenteus, which I will later refer to as the “Silver Dollar.” This species of the Silver Dollar is the one you will find for sale in a pet store or fish store.

The Silver Dollar is easily recognized by the tiny dots on their sides. All of the Silver Dollar species looks similar as in they all have a silver color and are flat and round resembling a silver dollar, which is where their name comes from. Juvenile silver dollars are about the size of a dime. Adults can grow up to a half a foot wide.

Due to the somewhat large size of the Silver Dollar, a twenty gallon aquarium is recommended for a few of these fish. They are mid-level dwellers, spending most of their time in the middle of the tank. They are calm fish and do well with other Silver Dollars’ and other calm fish in a community tank. The PH level of the water should range between 5.0 and 7.0, the water hardness should not exceed fifteen. The Silver Dollar thrives in a temperature that ranges between seventy-five and eighty-two degrees Fahrenheit.

The Silver Dollar is a schooling fish in the wild and thrives better in an aquarium with schools of three or more Silver Dollars’. They are herbivores and eat a variety of plant life. The aquarium should contain several live plants. Not only do the plants provide their meals, it also gives them a place to hide. In addition to the live plants in the aquarium, they need to be fed a variety of vegetation. Such as, vegetable flakes you can purchase at the pet store and small pieces of cooked vegetables such as squash, peas, and spinach. They also like watercress, lettuce, and spirullina. Do not leave the left over food in the aquarium as it will spoil and can make the fish sick. It can also produce a terrible stench.  The Silver Dollar will also eat meat but they should be fed meat sparingly as a treat rather than a meal. They like blood worms and brine shrimp, live or frozen. Due to their timid nature, you will need to monitor the fish while they are feeding to make sure all of the fish are getting to eat.

The Silver Dollar is an egg layer. Like many species of fish, when breeding the male and female should be moved to a separate tank. The water temperature needs to be between eighty and eighty-two degrees Fahrenheit. With low lighting and fine leaved plants.

The female will lay about two-thousand eggs which will float to the bottom of the aquarium. The fries will hatch in two to three days.

The Silver Dollar has a life span of ten or more years.

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