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Facts about the Palomino Horse

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The Palomino horse is one of the prettiest horses there is.  They range in color from a dark gold to a light taffy, but always with a flaxen or white mane and tail.  In a large group of horses, the Palomino stands out from all of the rest.  Here are some important facts about the Palomino horse.

The actual origin of the Palomino is unknown; however, tapestries and paintings have been discovered with pictures of the Palomino dating back to ancient Europe and Asia.  Queen Isabella was known to have a hundred Palominos in the royal stable, and during her reign, the common people were not allowed to own one.  History tells us that she later sent a Palomino stallion and five mares to the New Spain viceroy in what is now Mexico.  From there, the Palomino moved north into the United States through Texas and California.

A Palomino is not a horse breed, but a color of horse.  Palominos can be any type of breed and can be registered in that particular breed's registry.  However, every Palomino that is registered with the Palomino Horse Breeders of America must have the Palomino colors and must stand 14 to 17 hands tall.  In order to be registered they can only have white on them below the knee or on their face.

Palominos receive their color from a chestnut gene and a cream colored gene.  For that reason there is only a 50 percent chance of a foal being a palomino even if both of its parents are palominos.  It has a 25 percent possibility of being a chestnut and a 25 percent possibility of being a cremello.

Today there is a full range of horse shows and competitions just for registered Palomino horses.  Every age group of riders is included in these programs.

The biggest event for Palomino horses is held every year during July in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  It is known as the PHBA World Championship Horse Show.  Each year some 850 horses and their riders from the United States, Canada and Mexico compete for prizes totaling $500,000.

Palominos are greatly appreciated for their agility and versatility. They make excellent ranch horses, and they are used for trail riding, showing, jumping and pleasure.  Most onlookers at parades prefer palominos over all the other horses.  

They are alert and curious in personality.  If they have been treated well, they love being with people and are very responsive to love and affection.  They are easily trained, and can even be taught to do tricks.

Because of their great versatility, Palominos are favorites among horsemen.  Their beauty causes them to stand out among the different horse breeds and they easily become their owner's best friend.


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