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A ferret has a very short attention span. Spending a fortune on ferret toys may leave you disappointed when your pet spends a few moments with their new plaything and runs off to the next new discovery. However, ferrets are curious creatures and need objects to focus their energy. These items can be homemade or even objects already in your home.

A ferret can make a toy out of almost anything provided to them and even items that aren't meant to be toys. Balls and stuffed animals are particular favorites for ferrets but when the toy box is empty, it's time to turn to more imaginative items that most might just throw away. Clothes, particularly jeans and sweatshirts can become tunnels and hiding spots for a ferret. A ferret will be entertained from zipping through the legs of sweatpants and jeans.

A roomy sweatshirt can become a place to roll around while searching out arms to crawl through. The arms should be roomy enough especially at the wrist area for your ferret to move in and out with ease and any small pieces should be removed from clothing. The legs can be cut off of pants to make them safe for play.

After your pet has released some energy from running in and out of your old clothing, it's time for some play that also allows some bonding time with your ferret. Make a pull toy from a box and take your ferret for a ride. Place a hole in the end of a box, attach a string or yarn through the hole, and create a riding toy for your ferret. Take it slow especially when making corners.

A large box can be turned into a hiding spot that your ferret can dart in and out of by simply cutting large holes in different areas. You can play with your ferret by sneaking toys in and out of the holes and watch as your pet tries to grab the toys. An amusing but debatable plaything is plastic grocery bags. If you allow your ferret to play with these (which they love to do), always remove the handles and keep them away from ferrets that are prone to eat plastic as some will do.

A large diameter PVC pipe can become a tunnel and better yet, prop the PVC pipe up against a chair or sofa and watch your ferret slide down the tunnel. For the ultimate ferret entertainment, provide your pet with a container of play sand and non-toxic potting soil mixed together. Plan this activity right before bath time or you may end up with dirty ferrets roaming the house. During the winter months, a container of snow will be welcomed by these little diggers.

Ferret toys shouldn't have to break the bank. Whether they are items destined for the recycling bin or made by your own hands, your ferret will never know nor care about the cost. A pet ferret only enjoys the search of new and interesting objects to add to their ever expanding stash. It is important that any toy given to a ferret should be ferret-proofed. Small pieces like eyes on stuffed animals should be removed before a ferret is allowed to tote the toy away. Treat ferret toys as you would a child's toy, safety first.  

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