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Healthy Gums in Cats

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It is not difficult to detect signs of healthy gums in cats. You are looking for a healthy color pink and if the gums have a good blood circulatory return. Rather it is having the knowledge of what to look for that will ensure your cat's mouth stays pink and healthy once you know the signs of disease in the mouth.

Daily brushing

Daily brushing is very important for healthy teeth and gums in your cat. If you start brushing your cat's teeth when he is a kitten there will be less of a hassle as he grows. Start by rubbing a small brush on his teeth without cleaner at first. There are also finger brushes you can purchase. Once your cat becomes accustom to this just add toothpaste and clean. Always use toothpaste that is intended for cats otherwise it can prolong the training.

Checking your cat's gums

This is as simple as pulling up the lip and looking at the teeth as well as the gums and mouth. If this is a healthy pink your cat is in fine condition. This tells you that your cat's gums have a good healthy blood supply. To check this just push on the gums and wait to see how long it takes to return to its normal color of pink. What you don't want to see is a dark red, blue or white color. Some cats may have different markings inside their mouths or on their gums just as some people have freckles. Don't let this confuse you there are still parts that will be showing pink.

Promoting healthy teeth and gums

You can help your cat to retain healthy teeth and gums by giving him the proper toys to play with. There are toys that can give your cats teeth some flossing without your cat even realizing it's helping. Provide good healthy treats that will help to keep his teeth clean and keep plaque from building up. Your cat's diet is very important for healthy gums and teeth. Dry cat food is one of the ways to keep your cat's teeth healthy combined with brushing.

Know what to look for

Cat's can develop many different diseases in their mouth. You have to be vigilant in checking them. Gingivitis presents itself by a reddening of the gums where they are inflamed. This usually starts at the base of the teeth where the gums end. Periodontitis is when gingivitis invades the base of the tooth which can lead to a very loose tooth and abscesses. Stomatitsis is another disease of a cat's mouth that appears when the gums turn red. This disease can be viral or a simple dental problem that turns nasty. It can also be caused by a foreign body that is found in the mouth.

A Rodent Ulcer can be seen quite easily as it will turn into a sore that continually gets bigger or it can show itself in the upper lip and cause a lot of swelling. There is also another disease that is called Salivary Cyst. This is caused by the saliva glands becoming blocked, also check under the tongue to confirm this disease.

It is very comforting to see healthy gums in your cat when you check him and you can only be sure if you know what to look for in some of the mouth diseases that cats can have. Inspecting your cat's mouth for diseases gives you an advantage when you're sure of the signs of healthy gums in cats.

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