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Home Remedy Treatments for Dog Dandruff

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"Home Remedy Treatments for Dog Dandruff"
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Most cases of dog dandruff can be treated with home remedies by the dog owner. When dandruff occurs, it is usually caused by skin cells that have died and are flaking off the dog's skin. Just like in humans, some dogs have worse cases of dandruff than others and with most dogs, the dandruff is easily visible.

Your first course of action against doggie dandruff is regular baths. Once a month using a mild baby shampoo will help remove the flakes and moisturize the skin. When dandruff is at its worst, bathing may be required twice monthly. If baby shampoo doesn't appear to be resolving the problem, a dog dandruff shampoo that contains sulfur or salicylic acid can be used. Avoid using shampoos with insecticides on dogs that are prone to dandruff. Flea-treatment shampoos are known for drying the skin. And it is not advisable to use a human-dandruff shampoo on your pet as some ingredients in these products can be harmful.

Adding oatmeal or colloidal oatmeal to the bath is known to soothe and heal dry skin. Aveeno is one colloidal oatmeal product that will relieve dry skin and add moisture to a dog's skin. The Aveeno should be worked into the dog's coat to reach the skin and left for approximately 10 minutes before rinsing away. After bathing, give your dog a thorough grooming session to remove dead skin cells. For in between baths, groom your dog several times a week to eliminate the excess dandruff. Dog moisturizing sprays are also available at major pet stores. Applying this to a dog's skin especially in dry climates can add needed moisture and help alleviate the dandruff.

Dogs prone to dandruff could have an underlying problem with their dog food. Dogs need an adequate amount of fat in their diet. Owners can add 1/2 teaspoon of fish, safflower, or corn oil to their dog's meal once a day. Pet supplements are also available which can be recommended by a veterinarian. Sometimes just providing a good-quality dog food can make a difference in a dog's skin and coat.

Most importantly, dogs need adequate supplies of fresh water daily to keep the skin hydrated. Indoor dogs may need humidity added to the air which can be achieved with an indoor humidifier. If a dog appears to be scratching because of the dandruff, aloe vera can be placed on the skin to help relieve the irritation. Bedding should be kept clean and the skin should be cleaned whenever your dog has become dirty.

Typically dandruff can be cured by simply changing a dog's environment, good grooming practices, and a high-quality diet. However, some dandruff can be caused by a more serious problem like allergies, parasites, or an infection. If your dog does not appear to improve with home treatments, seek professional veterinarian care for your pet.

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