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Homemade Kitten Shampoo

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Kittens are low maintenance pets.  You don't have to walk them and you can leave their food and water down all day.  They even take their own regular baths but sometimes they need a little help.  What do you do if your kitten gets in a messy spot and is filthy dirty or you suffer from allergies to your kitten?  Whip up some homemade shampoo and give your kitten a bath.

Although they are more rambunctious, bathing a kitten can be easier than bathing a cat because they are not, naturally, afraid of the water.  Draw a warm bath in a plastic tub or in the kitchen sink, having the water prepared before you get your kitten. Gently lower your kitten into the water and reach for your shampoo.  If you haven't made your shampoo yet, here are a few recipes you might want to  try before you catch your kitten.

Soapwart Root Shampoo

To make a shampoo that uses natural products, gather soapwart root (available at the local health store or online), peppermint oil, and water.  Bring one cup of water and one teaspoon of soapwart root to a full boil.  Turn off the heat and let the mixture cool.  Add one teaspoon of peppermint oil.  . 

Dish soap shampoo

This recipe combines pre-made products with additional ingredients.  You will need dish soap, apple cider vinegar, glycerin and water. To make it you will mix two pints of water with one-half cup each of apple cider vinegar and dish soap (some animal rescue missions use Dawn dish soap).  Add one-sixth cup of glycerin (available at your local drugstore). 

If your kitten scratches and claws and absolutely hates taking a water-based bath, there is still hope.  The following dry kitten shampoo involves a massage, something most kittens love.  It uses raw oat bran, cornmeal or oatmeal to soak up the oil and dirt and is simple to make.

Dry Kitten Shampoo

Turn your oven to 325.  While your oven is heating, add one-fourth cup of any of the following ingredients:  raw cornmeal, oat bran or oatmeal.  Place the ingredient in the oven and leave it there until it has been warmed.  *Warning:  Don't let it get too hot or it will burn your kitten's skin.

Massage the dry shampoo into your kitten's fur by starting at the base of its head and continuing until you reach the tail.  Gently massage the shampoo past the fur and onto the kitten's skin.  Take a hand towel and massage the kitten; then brush your kitten to remove the rest of the shampoo.  The beauty of this natural product is that no harm will come to the kitten if you miss a spot or two.

All of these recipes are for small amounts of shampoo.  To make more, simply double or triple the recipes.  Whether you make your kitten shampoo each time or store it for use later, nothing is more comforting than knowing the names of all the ingredients in your homemade kitten shampoo.

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