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How much should you Feed Pomeranians

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Many people are worried that their dog will overeat. Pomeranian's are very active dogs and should be fed accordingly. If you are wondering how much you should feed your Pomeranian, it must be based on their weight as well as their activity level. An active dog naturally needs more food to create the energy that they need.

Food Based on Weight

A 1 lb. puppy needs 1/2 cup of food

A 3 lb. puppy needs 1 cup of food per day

A 5 lb. puppy needs 1- 1/4 cups per day

Once your dog turns two (2) they need less food as they tend to be less active and they are now considered adults. The food should be spread out over the day to satisfy your dog. However, let us not forget that some Pomeranians are very picky eaters! (I know I have one!).

You should feed your Pomeranian a very high quality dog food. This tiny little dog can have a very sensitive digestive system. The Pomeranian diet should be a mix of wet and dry food, though Pomeranians do prefer mostly dry food.

The Picky Eater

If your Pomeranian is anything like mine, then he is extremely fussy. Bear is a "Teddy Bear Pom" and his maximum weight should be about 8 pounds. He is slightly heavier than that in the winter. He is also a very fussy eater and there are certain foods that he simply will not eat - and unfortunately that includes most dog foods. Since a Pomeranian is such an active dog I met with my vet and asked how to feed him and boy was I surprised!

Vet Recommendations

While of course dogs are known as meat eaters, not all of them are. However, they must get the protein benefits of meat in their diet. For my Pomeranian this meant education for his people. Bear eats peanut butter, eggs, cheese and beans. All of these top out his favorites. He also likes salmon (careful for bones please). Bear does not eat any canned dog food. The only dry food he will eat is Beneful and he picks all of the meat pieces out of it and leaves them on the floor!

In addition to the protein items mentioned above, Bear is a big vegetable eater. My vet encouraged me to give him almost unlimited amounts of vegetables. Among his favorites are asparagus, carrots, celery and brussel sprouts.


Providing your Pomeranian with treats should be a reward for him being a good dog. If you give them treats too often it is likely to have an impact on overall eating habits. As you gain experience with a Pomeranian, you may find they are not as susceptible to over-eating as some dogs are, but watch your dog for signs of over-eating.

Feeding your Pomeranian does not have to be a mystery. Avoid health problems that are associated with obesity by feeding your Pomeranian the right amount of food for his weight as well as his activity level. Regardless of whether you feed your Pomeranian on a schedule or you leave his food out for him, make sure that he has plenty of cold, clean water at all times. Your Pomeranian will let you know how much to feed him!

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