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How to Bath a Dog Dog Fears Water how to Bathe a Fearful Dog

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"How to Bath a Dog Dog Fears Water how to Bathe a Fearful Dog"
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Bath time secrets revealed! Have you seen your neighbors' dog jump in the pool anxiously waiting for bath time? Has this occurrence made you green with envy since your dog will go hide under the table as soon as he sees you with towels and shampoo?
Well fear no more, there are great ways to turn out your dog's dreaded bath time into a look forwarded event, because it all ultimately depends on you and what you make out of it!

Here are my my bath time secrets revealed, they have helped many water phobic pups come play in the water and enjoy bath time as they never did before! Follow these rules carefully and your dog may have a blast!

*Secret number 1: Bath time is not really bath time

First and most important rule: do not make a big deal out of bath time. Be careful not to announce it or give any clues that it is approaching. Just act normally so he/she is relaxed when the time comes. Dogs are sensitive so they can easily sense cues from us that suggest something not pleasurable is coming their way. It is vital as well to keep calm and not get disappointed with him if he turns out to be not the best bather. Count up to three before getting mad at him. Also vital: stay away from babying him, all the baby talk will tell him just one thing: it's OK to be afraid, so keep being that way!

*Secret number 2 Not too cold not too hot

Would you like to bathe in a hot hot shower or in an ice cold tub? Test the water yourself, put your hand in the water for a minute or two and ask yourself if you would be comfortable in it. All it takes is just a bath with water too hot or too cold to turn bath time into a undesirable event.

*Secret number 3 Toss in Rubber ducky!

Toss in the tub a few of your canine's favorite water proof toys. Familiar toys in an unfamiliar surrounding may help the dog feel more comfortable. Plus if he feels like it he may play with them too!

*Secret number 4 Buy your dog some special Canine eau de toilette

Use only pet approved shampoo that is delicate enough and preferably that will not burn if it accidentally goes into your dogs eyes. Check with your vet for a good no tears shampoo. Dogs dislike having shampoo and water get into their eyes and ears and on their face as well.

*Secret number 5 Slip proof your bath tub

Make the tub less slippery than possible. Dogs do not like the sensation of feeling unsteady on their feet. This is mostly true if slipping could mean ending under the water. Try to invest in a slip free mat or slip free bath adhesives. After all, a slip proof bath tub is good safety measure for humans as well so it will work both ways.

*Secret number 6 The Niagara Falls syndrome

Turn off the faucet. Many dogs are bothered by the noise of the faucet running. It is loud and it may sound like the Niagara falls for a small puppy. Rather, use a pitcher to pour water evenly and gently over your dog and again avoid the poured water to make too much noise.

*Secret number 7 Dog spa massage therapy

What's better than a massage? Massage your dog's favorite spots, it will make you bond more and turn the bath into a pleasurable event. Again don't baby talk or it will reinforce his fear.

*Secret number 8 Give a favorite treat as a retreat!

You want him/her to associate bathing with something really good. Praise him/her and give the treat. Hopefully sooner or later he will associate the treat with bath time and look forward to it!

*Secret number 9 Forget the hair dryer

Hair drying with a hair dryer can be too scary for most dogs. Not only, many have also suffered severe burns from it. Towels are much safer, less traumatic and dogs seem to enjoy the rubbing part too. Mine surely do!

*Secret number 10 Shower or bath?

Find out if your dog is a bath tub or shower fan. Many times dogs like showers more as it mimics rain and they feel less confined than in a bath tub. Others may feel safer in a bath tub. Find out whichever your dog prefers and stick with that method.

Bath time does not have to be a hassle it can easily turn into play time and when this happens this is the secret to a happier and less frustrated owner and a happier and less dirty dog!

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