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How to Care for a Maine Coon Cat

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"How to Care for a Maine Coon Cat"
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Maine Coon cats first and foremost are just a cat but you do have a tendency to feel you are in front of royalty when you first meet one.  They have become extremely popular in North America which has lead to over breeding of this breed.  They are a large cat compared to other breeds and have long flowing coats. They sport a very muscular body and come with their fair share of health problems as any other breed does. Among these are a few very specific needs if you own a Maine Coon cat. Here are a few suggestions on how to care for Maine Coon cats.

Some Maine Coon cats inherit their health problems which are hip dysplasia and thickening of the heart vessels. Both of these health problems can be detected in the Maine Coon cat when they are young with the help of your veterinarian. Most breeders will shy away from breeding a Maine Coon cat if there is a possibility that these health problems may be inherited.

To care for a Maine Coon cat is not very difficult. They need grooming with a steel comb at least three times a week and even though they sport a long coat it will very seldom mat due to the texture. Maine Coon cats do shed and will need more grooming through their shedding period. Care should be taken with the cleaning of the ears and teeth as you would do with any cat.  Playtime and exercise is a must for these cats even though they are not a cat that will become overly clingy they still need some attention. You can give them this with lots of playtime. They will require regular checkups at your vets and the regular vaccinations.

Perhaps the one thing that differs in taking care of the Maine Coon cat is their diet. They do need food specifically designed for their breed.  To ensure your Maine Coon cat is getting all the nutrients that he requires talk with your vet about the type of diet your cat should be placed on. Their diet should consist of protein and fatty acids that will keep them fit and happy.

The Maine Coon cat does not need much special care that differs from any cat. Perhaps their diet is the one special area that needs attention. Even though they are a large breed of cat it does not mean they become fat cats. Their structure is large due to their breed that resembles a wild cat. If you own a Maine Coon cat give it a comfortable place to sleep, a good diet, grooming as needed, playtime and lots of love and you know how to care for a Maine Coon cat.

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