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How to Care for Baby Hedgehogs

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"How to Care for Baby Hedgehogs"
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It is a difficult situation if your find a baby hedgehog or the pet mother dies and you are left with infant hedgehogs to care for. Caring of a baby hedgehog is no easy business, however if you follow the right tips you can do it. To help you care for a baby Hedgehog the right way, we have listed following tips:

If you have a baby hedgehog it should be fed rehydration fluid that you can make by mixing sugar, water and milk together. You can go for the milk of sheep as they are lactose intolerant and feeding the cow’s milk will lead to diarrhea. The sheep’s milk will l compensate for the lack of mother’s milk. You can start with feeding a baby hedgehog the colostrums of a sheep and later replace it normal milk. It can be further enriched by the addition of an egg yolk in it as your baby hedgehog grows. If you can not find sheep’ milk you can go for kitten milk replacement which is available on most pet stores. This powdery milk can be mixed with water and can be used successfully for feeding a baby hedgehog. Some people also feed infant hedgehogs baby formula milks but it should always be soya based.

Once you have fed the baby hedgehog make sure it urinates or litters as otherwise it may lead to bloating which can be fatal at this young a stage. Stroking their tummy will help them with relieve themselves. It will stimulate the baby’s digestive system.

Feed the baby hedgehog only milk until you see sings of teething. Once there are teeth which will come out when the baby hedgehog is 3 weeks old, you can feed it small quantities of mashed banana and minced meat which can be followed by egg yolk and canned dog food. Now you can give this baby hedgehog milk in a dish instead of feeding it with a syringe. Addition of mealworms will make the food more nutritious. Do not feed too many eggs as it can lead to vitamin B deficiency

A very young baby hedgehog needs frequent feeding that is after every half an hour or so while as the hedgehog grows the feedings can be gaped a little further apart.

Always feed your baby hedgehogs warm milk and make sure they are warm when feeding as otherwise they may suffer from hypothermia. Wrapping them up in a blanket or warm clothing will prove beneficial.

For accommodation of a baby hedgehog go for small pens or fish crate with high sides. Place a heat lamp close by as a gradient.

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