How to Choose and take Care of a Teddy Bear Hamster

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"How to Choose and take Care of a Teddy Bear Hamster"
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If you are thinking of getting a hamster, there is no better breed of hamster than the teddy bear hamster. While teddy bear hamsters often cost more than regular hamsters, the price is definitely worth it. Who wouldn't love to have an adorable, inquisitive, long-haired hamster? If you are thinking about getting a teddy bear hamster, here are some tips:

1) When you go to the pet store, check out how the hamsters have been accommodated. Are they in separate cages, or are they all together (most likely all males in one cage and all females in another)? This will affect how easy or difficult is will be to choose the right one.

2) Check out the appearance of each hamster. It is impossible to accurately tell a teddy bear hamster's age, but if the long hair has not yet grown out, then that is a sign it is young.

3) Make sure the eyes are shiny! A teddy bear hamster with a health problem usually has dull looking eyes, while a healthy hamster has gleaming eyes.

4) The coat should be free of tangles and have a nice luster. A sick teddy bear hamster does not groom.

5) If the hamster is acting a bit too hyper, the erratic behavior could indicate that there is something wrong with it.

So, once you have chosen a healthy teddy bear hamster, you need to get supplies! A great brand of hamster food is Hazel Hamster - available at places like PetCo and PetSmart. AS for the cage, be sure that it is one that the hamster cannot get out of easily, since hamsters are quite strong! Also, be sure that the cage has a wheel, and plenty of places for the hamster to build a nest. Also, try to find a cage with tubes, since hamsters are natural tunnelers.

As for the shavings you choose, be sure that they have little to no dust on the front of the package, because otherwise you'll find yourself sneezing! Also, be sure that the shavings do not have any harmful dye in them. That being said, once you have your healthy teddy bear hamster in his or her new home, enjoy your new pet!

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