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How to get Puppies Akc Registered

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"How to get Puppies Akc Registered"
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The American Kennel Club operates the world's largest purebred-dog registry. Registering your puppies is not difficult provided they meet the rules for registration as set out in the AKC official rules.

To be eligible for registration a litter must be the result of the mating of an AKC registered sire and AKC registered dam of the same breed. The litter must be born in the USA , its possession or territories.

To ensure there are no mistakes in the registration or identification of litters, breeders and sellers must comply with strict record-keeping requirements. Non-compliance can result in a refusal to register the litter.

Planning for registration is essential. Assuming you meet the initial requirements you will also need to meet further conditions for registration even before the mating takes place. The first step in the process is to obtain a litter registration application form from the AKC and fill out the name and AKC number of the dam before the date of mating.

On the date of mating the owner of the sire is required to complete the sire information section on the application. After filling out the sire’s AKC number, its registered name, the owner’s name, email address and telephone number the owner of the sire then signs a declaration that the identified dam was mated to the identified sire.

When the litter is whelped the application can be completed with details of the date of birth, breed, number of males and females, the name and address of the owner of the litter and the payment method for the applicable fees. The owner of the dam must then sign a declaration that the dam was not mated to any other dog during her season.

The application along with payment of the applicable fees is then sent to the AKC to obtain litter registration. Compulsory fees for registration include a processing fee and a puppy fee. The processing fee is a single charge while the puppy fee is applied to each individual puppy. If you apply for registration more than 6 months after the litter was whelped a compulsory late fee is also payable.

If you wish a breeder classified listing on the AKC website and/or a litter certificate you can obtain these for additional fees. The certificate package contains an official litter certificate and copies for each puppy in the litter. In addition you can obtain fast-tracked processing for an additional fee.

Once the application is successful the AKC will send a litter kit to the address nominated on the application form. The litter kit contains one dog registration application for each puppy. To obtain individual registration a dog registration application must be filled out jointly by the litter owner and the new owner of the puppy.

The litter owner completes details of the sex of the dog, color and markings, registration type, transfer date and the name and address of the new owner. The form is then signed by the litter owner.

The new owner of the dog must provide the name of the dog, payment information, and details of registration options and then sign the application. If the puppy was not acquired directly from the breeder additional transfer statements must also be completed by each intermediate owner.

The process becomes a little more complex if the litter is mated abroad, is a multiple-sired litter, or any type of artificial insemination is used. However, each situation has its own specific application form and clear instructions can be found on the AKC website for each particular circumstance.

Once you get started the process of registering your litter or individual puppy is quite clear and simple. The requirements and forms for registration are essential to protect the integrity of AKC registration and the value you gain by having your puppies AKC registered.

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