How to Introduce your new Pet Rabbit to your Cat

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"How to Introduce your new Pet Rabbit to your Cat"
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Can it be, that a cat and rabbit can actually enjoy each other? My answer is an astounding "Yes!" Round and round they go! The rabbit chases the cat, up the sofa, behind the sofa, under the sofa... suddenly, turn-about is fare play and the order reverses to the cat chasing the rabbit around the same race course.

Hunny Bunny came to my front door early one morning, still a babe and wet, cold, shivering, covered with dirt. I scooped her up in my arms like a baby and she snuggled in, heaved a sigh and promptly closed her eyes in peaceful slumber. "But, what do I do with her," I pondered. I have two amazing house cats who are the king and queen of my minuscule apartment. They have allowed me the pleasure of living with them for over five years now. What will they do with a rabbit in our midst?

So, I sat on the sofa snuggling Hunny Bunny, pondering. One cat approached, sniffed her over and proceeded to engage in her cat-curl which looks like a large furry donut. I could her her purring as she dozed off. The other cat sat on the coffee table and glared at me and our new furry addition. Then it was his turn to sniff. Hunny Bunny jumped, leaped onto the floor and the cat was off like greased lightening to his favorite abode, my bed!

I bought a wire cage for Hunny Bunny and all of the neat rabbit goodies available for her joy and comfort. She lived in our living room where she could be the center of attention. The cats took turns sitting on top of the cage, intently
watching her. Little-by-little, I allowed her to run the living room freely while both cats were secured in the bedroom. At first there were lots of droppings as she marked her territory. After a couple of days she seldom had accidents. When the cats seemed gracious towards her, about a week later, I allowed them to enter the living room as she hopped about. There play time together was timed, beginning with 15 minutes and gradually we worked up to an hour several times a day. I was constantly laughing at their antics!

One word of warning, never let a pet rabbit roam freely in your abode because they love to chew electrical wires, wood furniture too! Rabbits need to grind their teeth down, therefore they have a need to chew things that are hard. I found it best to buy hard treats specifically for that purpose from my local pet store.

Introductions between your new pet rabbit and your cat need to be made slowly and with lots of love towards the cat, especially if the cat was there first. Some cats can be jealous and possessive of their territory until they know that they have not lost ground. Yes, rabbits and cats can get along and share great companionship together. The other perk is all of the laughter from watching them!

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