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How to keep a Male Dog away from a Female Dog in Heat

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"How to keep a Male Dog away from a Female Dog in Heat"
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When your female dog is in heat expect all your neighborhood intact male dogs to know. No, in the canine world there are no needs to join websites like or to read through romantic classified ads to find love. The news simply travels through the air even several miles away reaching the male dog's noses and turning them from calm, relaxed dogs into hyper dogs attempting to escape.

It is not unheard of admirers showing up on your front porch awaiting anxiously for your princess to come outside to do her business. If you live in the country, where there are no farm nearby, do not be surprised to even find some coyotes nearby. And, yes, if you even wondered, your female dog is not completely safe in a fenced yard. There have been instances of dogs being able to mate even through chain link fences!

Tips on How To Keep your Female Dog in Heat Away from Males

-Supervise Her

Of course, as the males are eager to meet your dog, your dog will be eager to meet her admirers. She may whine, pace back and forth near the door and even howl. Keep an eagle eye on her, as she will attempt as well to escape. When going out to do business always keep her leashed and carry a spray bottle or a stick to threaten dogs away.

-Keep Separated

If you own a pack of dogs, you must keep males separated from the female. This can be done by crating dogs, keeping them in separate rooms or having a friend temporarily keep the male dogs. In any circumstance, males should be kept separated as well, because a female's dog heat may spawn terrible fights among males.

-Close Windows

While there is not much that can be done when ''love is in the air'' owners can minimize the flow of dog perfume by closing the windows.

-Pass on Some Vicks Vapor Rub

This is really a trick of the trade often used in dog shows. Obviously owners of dogs at dog shows must know what to do when their purebred bitch goes into heat! Simply, place a little dab of Vicks ointment right around the dog's tail. The strong smell of Vicks may help cover up the smell of hormones. A little bit on the nose of interested males may also be an effective deterrent.


There are reports that chlorophyll may help mask the smell of heat. There are generally two versions: tablets or liquid. The liquid form may be found in health food stores in 100 mg. Generally 1 tablespoon in the morning and one in the evening poured on the dog's food may do the trick. To work best it should be given on the first day of heat. This is not a solution! Male dogs may still want to mate, so chlorophyll will only mask the smell a bit. Expect odd green stools after administering chlorophyll.

-Lust Buster

This is a special product that can be sprayed on the dog to make her less attractive to males.


Britches are special panties for dogs that may help prevent unwanted pregnancies when worn properly. However, always keep dogs supervised as they are not mistake proof.

Of course, the most obvious and highly recommended solution is to spay and neuter dogs. This way there will be no more annoying episodes of howling and cleaning up messes, or risking unwanted pregnancies in an all ready over crowded and over populated dog world.

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