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How to keep an Inside Dog Warm during the Winter without Power Natural Gas or Propane

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"How to keep an Inside Dog Warm during the Winter without Power Natural Gas or Propane"
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Many people think that just because a dog has a fur coat, it will stay warm. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, especially in extreme climates.

There are many things that can be done to keep a dog warm in winter, without running up a huge electricity or gas bill.

Natural fiber bedding

You can't beat lambswool for warmth. Not only is it soft and comfortable for a dog to lay on, it will help to keep the dog warm. As the dogs natural body temperature comes into contact with the lambswool, the fibers (and wool) will warm up.


The warmest pajamas on the market today seem to be made of flannelette's. Rather than go out and buy some for a dog, old pj's can be used to line a dogs basket.

Material Igloo Kennel

For small dogs, it is possible to buy a material igloo. The igloo works by using the dogs own body heat to warm the area around the dog, thereby keeping it warm. More often used for puppies, they can be used for almost any small breed of dog.

Raised beds

Large dogs will benefit from being up off the floor in cold climates. Even raising their bed six inches off the floor will help to stop the transfer of cold through the bed.

Woolen blankets

Many dogs love to make themselves a nest in their bedding, and there is nothing more satisfying for them than to snuggle up in a woolen blanket or two. Rather than buy these new off the shelves, they are often available at opportunity or thrift shops for a fraction of the price.

Doggy Jackets or coats

Not every dog loves to be dressed up, but there are a select few that live for the day that they get to wear their snazzy jackets. By selecting the right coat for the dog, there is always an option for them to stay warm without going through the rigors of making their own nest.

Jackets are usually designed to fit on the dog over the head. They cover the back, front legs, and often belly of the dog. Coats are more designed to cover the back and chest of the dog. Although not as warm as a jacket, some dogs actually prefer the freedom that these coats give them.

Warmed food or soup

Everyone loves a bowl of warm soup or a hot meal on a cold day, and so do many dogs. If the dogs food is warm, his body will not have to work as hard to digest it, therefore allowing his system to relax a little.

Choosing the right method to keep a dog warm over the winter months is all about what suits the dog. Some love to wear jackets, some love snuggling up in an igloo while others will do just fine on a warm meal. Provide somewhere for the dog to sleep that is out of draughts, and not below any window, and he should make it through winter just fine.

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