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How to Maintain a Cats Litter Box

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"How to Maintain a Cats Litter Box"
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As a cat owner, it's hugely important that you take care of business - as in, keeping your kitty's litter box clean. Not only does your cat deserve a clean bathroom, but your home needs to be free of any litter box odor. You can easily accomplish this goal through routine maintenance of the litter box. Below are tips on how to maintain your cat’s litter box.

* Scoop out the litter box daily

Cleaning a litter box daily takes fewer than ten minutes, far less time than walking a dog multiple times a day. Commit to a time each day to clean the litter, and make this part of your daily routine. You can re-use plastic grocery bags for your daily litter box cleaning. Simply scoop away, tie the bag and place outside in your garbage can. It's that easy, and it should be part of your daily routine. Don't allow yourself excuses, and stay on top of this duty. After you scoop, pour a layer of fresh litter over the existing litter. Add enough to freshen things up a bit.

* Completely clean out the litter box once a month

Each month, set a date for cleaning out the litter box. You can select the first of the month if you want an easy day to remember. At this time, you will pour out all of the litter into a garbage bag. Since the litter can be heavy, it's wise to double the bag.

Thoroughly wipe out and clean the emptied litter box. You want to rid it of any stains or stubborn clumps of litter that have stuck. Wipe around the edges and the top of the litter box.

Then allow it to air out for a few minutes. There should be no odor - if you have stayed on top of your daily routine for scooping. Once the litter box has aired out, and is completely dry, fill it with new litter.

You may want to use a perfumed litter such as Fresh Step. Whatever your preference, be sure to fill with enough litter. You want to make sure there is depth there, as this will serve as the foundation of litter for the coming month.

* Occasionally sprinkle with baking soda

One final maintenance tip for your cat's litter box involves the wonder product of baking soda. Every few days, sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda over your litter. It will help kept things fresh, and your kitty and housemates will be appreciative indeed.

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