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How to Make a Cardboard Box Play Center for a Cat

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"How to Make a Cardboard Box Play Center for a Cat"
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Cardboard boxes can easily be recycled into playthings for your cat and kittens. One of the most unique toys that will be fully enjoyed by your pet is a playhouse or play center. Cats hide inside, peek out the holes, and on occasion stalk their prey, jumping out to catch their reward which is usually your feet as you travel by. The best part of this project is that most of the items needed are free or you may already have at home.

Materials Needed:

*Three boxes of the same size, approximate size 12 x 12 x 12

*Craft knife or box cutter

*Duct tape (opt for clear or white)

Optional Materials to Dress up the Playhouse:

*Non-toxic spray adhesive or glue

*Materials to decorate the boxes like craft paper, scrap fabric, wrapping paper, stickers

*Cat toys attached to yarn

Instructions to Build Your Kitty Play Center:

*Glue the flaps closed on the boxes or remove them. By gluing the flaps closed, you add extra support to the boxes.

*On the side of each box, cut an opening but leave at least two inches along the edges.

*Line up the openings of two of the boxes and glue together. These are the original openings of the boxes where the flaps are located, not the openings that you cut. Secure the boxes with the duct tape.

*Along the side seam of those two boxes, cut an opening that matches the opening of the third box. For appearances, try to center up this opening on the side of the two attached boxes. Line up the third box with that opening you just cut and attach the third box with glue. Reinforce with the duct tape. The third box will have an open side (where the flaps are located) that will be used as the entrance to the playhouse.

*Now that the three boxes are attached, you can cut circles in varying places on the boxes. This allows your cat to peek out. The circles should be large enough that your cat doesn't get stuck in the holes (approximately 6 inches in diameter or somewhat larger for tubby cats).

*Lastly are the decorations. You can dress up your cat's playhouse to your liking, just use your imagination. A word of caution though, your good intentions of decorating your pet's play center may get a little scuffed up during playtime.

An idea is to cover the play center in a solid color of craft paper and use stickers to adorn the outside. The cat toys can be hung inside the play center or at the hole openings. Place a small hole in the top of the cardboard box, thread the yarn through the hole, and tie several knots in the yarn to hold it in place. Decorating the playhouse is strictly for appearances as your cat will not care about colors or decorations.

You will find that your cat will not only enjoy hiding and playing in their playhouse but you may find them taking an afternoon snooze in their den. If you have carpet remnants or a rug, you can cut these down to lay inside the playhouse for your cat's comfort during naptime. Manufacturers make millions from cat furniture and play centers. You can easily build one at home for next to nothing and use the saved money on extra cat treats.

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