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How to Prevent Cats from Hunting Birds

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"How to Prevent Cats from Hunting Birds"
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If you are a cat owner and want to know how to prevent your cat from hunting birds, then you have come to the right place for quality information. You can prevent your cat from hunting any small animal by keeping it well fed. This will prevent the urge to hunt because they are satisfied. There are a few ways to prevent your cat from hunting and another way is to attach a bell to your cat's collar. This will alert prey that a cat is near, especially when they hear the bell. It will also give the prey enough time to escape once they hear the bell.

Hunting is all in a cat's normal routine, but it may be a bit disturbing to you though. You can also train your cat not to hunt outside and you can do this by redirecting their behavior to hunt inside by hiding small treats and snacks. If you like birds and have a few bird feeders around, then you may want to locate them out of sight of the cat. You can also enclose your bird feeders with wire that will keep predators like your cat out. If you have an outside cat, then you can build a cat fence to keep your cat in a certain area and this will prevent them from hunting as well.

A cat makes a wonderful pet around the house because they will keep mice and snakes away. There are many bird lovers as cat lovers and some like them both. You have to compromise when it comes to this. Leash training will also benefit your cat because you can take the cat for walks too. Outdoor cats should be kept inside shortly after sunrise because this is when a lot of birds are out chirping, especially in or near the garden. One hour before sunset, your outdoor cat should be kept inside as well. This measure will reduce the cat from hunting birds because not many will be around after these hours.

There are many reasons why you may not want your cat to hunt birds. Many people do not like the thought of small animals being hurt or killed. Some bird populations may even be endangered and a cat on the prowl will make this problem worse. By preventing your cat from hunting birds, you will not have to deal with the gifts that your cat brings to your door.

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