How to Properly Clean a Bird Aviary

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"How to Properly Clean a Bird Aviary"
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A bird is kept in an aviary or a cage to keep it safe and healthy. However, when you use an aviary, you are keeping your bird away from two natural factors, rain and sunshine, which facilitate their cleanliness. So, when there is no rain and sunshine, you being the owner, hold the responsibility of keeping the environment of your bird clean and healthy. A clean aviary will not only allow your bird to stay in a good condition but it will also protect it from different kinds of infections and diseases.

Here is a list of several instructions which will surely help when you are cleaning your bird's aviary:

1) Cover the floor:

To make things easier and convenient, it is suggested that you spread a cover over the floor of the aviary. You can make use of newspapers or you can also utilize litter/bedding which is easily available in the market to be used in bird cages. If you simply use a piece of paper, then do not forget to change it once everyday. On the other hand, litters should be scraped with the help of a rake so that the droppings of your bird fall down and they should be changed at least once every week.

2) Clean the food and water containers:

It is important that you keep the containers used for holding food and water clean and washed so that they are always free of dirt and grime. In order to clean properly, use hot water and a soap which is gentle and is made up of mild ingredients. Having dishwater at hand would be an even better option as it makes the purification of the dishes much easier. Once they have been cleaned and disinfected, fill them up with clean food and water to feed your birds.

3) Wash the walls:

Everything situated inside the aviary including the walls, perches and other surfaces need to be washed and cleaned once every week. Like the containers, even these can be sanitized by making use of hot water and mild soap. Since you cannot clean everyday, it is recommended that you clear the droppings off the perches regularly.

4) Relocate the birds:

Bleach can also be used when cleaning the aviary as it is a really good disinfectant. Unfortunately, the fumes produced by it can be harmful for your beloved bird. Therefore, when you are planning to clean the aviary, shift the bird to some other cage and then place it back in the aviary once it is thoroughly cleaned and purified.


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