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How to Remove a Mat from a Cats Fur

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"How to Remove a Mat from a Cats Fur"
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Everyone that owns a cat is aware of the potential of matting fur and try to groom their cats on a daily bases. Despite this some mats sneak up on you and you find that your cat has become matted especially if your cat has long hair. If this has happened to you do not despair there are ways to remove mats from a cat’s fur.

Removing mats by comb

Before trying to remove any type of mat from your cats fur make sure you do it with care. Once a mat is formed the skin of your cat can become very tender and sensitive. Start with a regular comb or a fine tooth comb depending on how big and thick the mat is. Place the comb between your cat’s skin and the mat and lift the mat gently to see just how much it is matted. Try and bring the comb up through the mat but do not pull very hard. If it is a small mat you may be able to loosen it with the comb enough to comb it out but if it is really matted you will need the assistance of a pair of scissors.

Getting the most of the mat with your scissors

Once again place your comb between your cat’s skin and the mat. Using your scissors start by cutting parts of the mat slowly. Every chunk that you can cut away is one less you will have to deal with. Cut away as much as you can from the level on top of the comb up. Try cutting the mat in an upward motion it will help the mat to break up a little easier. Be careful not to pull or cut underneath the comb. After you have cut away the bulk of the mat try using your comb by placing it on what is left of the mat and stroking the mat gently. You may be able to comb the rest of the mat out of your cat’s fur.

Removing the mat with scissors

This method is not only tedious but it is also a very slow method. Start at the base of the mat on the edge of it. Place the point of your scissors inside the mat being careful to not have it to close to the skin. Snip off a little of the fur and remove it. You may not be able to get very large amounts by doing this but with patience and care you will be able to remove it. Repeat the process with your scissors even if you are only getting a few strands of fur at a time. Always be sure your scissors are nowhere near your cat’s skin.


If you are fortunate enough to own a pair of clippers removing a mat on your cat’s fur can become easier. Take your clippers and start at the top of the mat working your way down through. You will probably have to lift the mat up to get started on the top. Continue with your clippers until you have worked your way down towards the skin. When you are close to the skin you have two choices. You can shave the fur right to the skin or take your comb and try to get the rest of the mat by combing it.


Some cats fur mat really bad and you will find that there is not much you can do with it. The alternative is to take your cat to a groomer and have them remove the mat for you. Either way the mat has to be removed.

Cats can get very uncomfortable once their fur mats. If it is not attended to it just gets worse. The sooner you deal with a mat the better it is for you and your cat. Once you know how to remove a mat from a cat’s fur it can make for a happier cat and a happier you.

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