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How to Stop a Dog from Ingesting Foreign Objects

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"How to Stop a Dog from Ingesting Foreign Objects"
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Working in the veterinary field, you see a lot of animals coming into the hospital who have eaten some pretty bizarre things like socks, jewelry, or whole rotisserie chickens. Most of these incidents could have been prevented by simply taking a few precautions such as making sure that wherever your pet is spending most of his time is devoid of anything that he could possibly get into, monitoring your pet while he is outside or running free inside the house, and crating your pet when you are not at home. Even with these tips, some animals will still find a way to go tear into your underwear drawer when you aren’t looking. But, these are the best steps to take to ensure that your pet will not be racking up thousands of dollars in medical bills to remove said foreign object.

Most puppies love to chew on any and everything. Some puppies, however, love to swallow large objects whole. This is why it is important to be proactive and keep any objects that might be tempting for Rambo to eat out of his vicinity. A lot of dogs especially love to tear into some yummy, smelly garbage and go nuts. If this is the case, a good idea would be to buy a locking trash can, or put the trash can in a cabinet where your pet cannot reach and get into trouble. 

If your pet is small, it will be a lot easier to keep foreign objects out of reach. However, those with larger breeds will want to take care that they cannot reach objects on counters. A rule of thumb for pet owners with mischievous pets is to generally keep your living space de-cluttered. This will lessen the chance that your four-legged friend will ingest something that could harm him and your house will be much cleaner!

Even if you do manage to remove every single thing from Fluffy’s grasp, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your pets when you are at home. Some animals are known to open the occasional door. The most determined will find a way to get what they want, especially if it’s a freshly baked Turkey sitting on your counter while you go to the bathroom. 

Finally, for some animals who just can't help themselves, crating them when you are not at home is a great way to ensure that they stay out of trouble. By giving them free run of the house, you risk them chewing on things like upholstery or the remote control. If your dog is known to have separation anxiety, crate training is a good way to make them feel more comfortable while you are gone so that they aren’t taking out their frustration on your dining room table legs or eating your houseplants.

With these tips, you should be able to avoid the dreaded foreign body. However, it is always a good idea to train your dog in the difference between food and things you should not eat. Furthermore, if you believe your dog has eaten something he shouldn’t have, it is always a good idea to contact your veterinarian. If you can get him there in time, there is a good chance he can simply vomit the offending object up, thereby saving you from funding a very expensive surgery.

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