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How to tell if a Cat has had a Stroke

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"How to tell if a Cat has had a Stroke"
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The word stroke usually sets fear into the heart of an animal owner. Although it is a serious problem it may not be as bad as you would first think. When you think of stokes in humans you know it can be devastating but in cats you will find that strokes are much milder. A cat can fully recover from a stroke or at worse be left with epilepsy. A stroke in a cat is not very easily diagnosed. As an owner of a cat you need to know how to tell if a cat has had a stroke.


Seizures may be the first indication that your cat is having a stroke. These are usually mild seizures to begin with but it will worsen as the stroke takes hold of your cat. This will probably be an early sign of this condition although there are many things that can also cause seizures in cats.

Tilting of the head

If you observe your cat walking around with his head tilted at an odd angle it is probably due to a stroke. When your cat has a stroke it weakens the muscles in his body which leads to him not being able to keep his head erect. He may also display symptoms of his head moving from side to side. This can last during the stroke and for a few weeks after.

Balance issues

Another sign of stroke in your cat may be that you notice he has become very off balanced. He will go from being sure footed to being down right clumsy. Much like a human that suffers from dizziness your cat will display signs such as weaving from side to side and totally off balance. His walk may become very slow and you may find him displaying actions that he never showed before.


A stroke in a cat can cause blindness. Fortunately this blindness will fade in time but if you see your cat stumbling and being unsure of where he is walking it is possible that he may have suffered a stroke. Cats are famous for covering up an illness so you have to pay attention to your cat’s movements to make sure there is a problem.


Only you know your cat well enough to tell if there is a change in his behavior. If your cat starts acting confused and unsure of his environment it is time to take him to your veterinarian to be checked out.  When cats have a stroke their behavior can be changed drastically.


When your cat suffers from a stroke they can appear very tired and all they want to do is sleep. This is due to muscle weakness as well as the other symptoms.  Strokes make cats very lethargic and this can be easily spotted if you had a healthy cat before the stroke happened.

Loss of bowels and/or appetite

Perhaps the most obvious sign of stroke in your cat is the loss of bowels movement or urine movement.  Sometimes a stroke will damage organs inside a cat to cause this effect. A loss of appetite is also a sign of stroke. Your cat just won’t be able to eat due to not having the strength in their jaws to chew.

If you have any suspicions that your cat has had a stroke get him medical help immediately. Stroke in cats is sometimes hard to take and you may think that this is the end but cats can return to normal living very quickly. The more you know about how to tell if a cat has had a stroke is a way to detect the stroke early enough to treat him.

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