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How to tell if a Dog has a Broken Leg

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"How to tell if a Dog has a Broken Leg"
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Knowing how to tell if your dog has a broken leg will help you determine how much you should be concerned about the apparent leg injury he has. If you recognize the signs of a broken leg in a dog, you will be able to get him the treatment he needs and keep him from more severe injury due to lack of care.

Here is how to tell if you dog has a broken leg:

Won't walk on all Fours

If the dog only walks on three of his legs, there is a good chance that his other leg is broken. The dog will attempt to walk on three good legs if his leg is broken because he has figured out trying to apply any pressure on the broken leg isn't going to work. He would appear to be hopping rather than walking in order to keep his balance.

Won't walk at all

If the dog refuses to walk at all, it is a good sign that he has a broken leg. It is very difficult for a dog to attempt walking when his leg is severely injured. That means that he will probably lay still so that the pain isn't as bad.


If the above issues are present and the dog is licking at his leg, there is a good chance that he has a broken leg. Dogs lick their wounds in order to heal them. It is the natural process for a dog no matter what is ailing them. Be aware of all the signs of the dog having a broken leg and add licking to it and you can be certain that there is more than just a bruise on his skin.

Swinging Leg

If the leg of the dog seems to be swinging in places that it shouldn't be, his leg is broken. The bone may even be poking through his skin because of the sharp edges of the broken bone. Do not attempt to put the leg back in it's place on your own. That is the job for a vet because they will do it properly and the dog will have a better chance of healing to near perfect condition.

If you believe your dog has a broken leg, it is important to get him to the vet immediately. The vet well be able to fit the dog in a cast so that the dogs leg can heal properly. This will ensure that the dog will have a normal life after the broken bone has healed.


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