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How to Treat a Pig with Worms

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"How to Treat a Pig with Worms"
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Worms are a common problem found in many pigs.  However, if it is left untreated this problem can spread rapidly and infest the whole farm.  In addition it can also cause issues when the pig meat is processed.  Worms are parasites that live in the intestines of various farm animals. Usually these parasites are ingested through the eating process however with pigs the worms eggs are most likely ingested during the rooting process and hatch inside the pig.  When these parasites are not treated properly it can cause the pig to lose weight and in drastic cases death can occur. 

Symptoms of parasites in pigs:

Many people do not know the symptoms of a pig that has worms may include: coughing, weight loss, vomiting, Anemia, hairy pigs, diarrhea, and rarely blood in the feces.  In younger piglets worms can also cause pain and death.  You may also notice that your pig has difficulty breathing. This is also a common symptom of pigs that are infected with worms.

How to best prevent worms from infesting your pigs:

The best way to keep your pigs healthy and free of worms is to regularly clean the pig pen.  Feces that are allowed to accumulate for more than three days can permit the worm eggs to become a problem.  Keeping the pig pen dry can also assist in keeping parasites to a minimum because worms love moist dark areas.  Monitor your pig’s feces regularly for signs of worms.  Catching a parasite infestation early can be the key to limiting the number of pigs that are infected.  Regular worm treatments can also help to reduce the change that your pigs will become infected.  Once the pen is clean utilize a sterilization process to kill the worm eggs.  Treat and seclude the pigs that are already infected.  This will prevent other pigs from becoming infected.  Pigs that have recently been brought to the farm should be secluded for a few days so that you can determine if they are infected. 

Treatment of pigs with parasites:

The most important thing is to treat pigs quickly and with the correct wormer.  It is best to contact your veterinarian, if you think that there is a possibility that your pig has worms.  They can determine which type of worms that your pig has, and can recommend the ideal treatment process.  The easiest form of treatment is a pellet form of medication that is added to their daily feed source. Caustic Soda should be utilized to treat the pig pens of infected pigs.  In drastic cases veterinarians will inject the pig with wormer.  It is extremely important to kill a female worm before she lays her eggs because one female worm can produce I  million eggs per day and these eggs can last in a pig pen for up to five years if not treated. It is very important to treat a female pig before she gives birth. This will prevent the piglets from becoming infected.

When treating a parasite infestation, be completely certain that you treat the problem as quickly as possible.  Contacting your personal veterinarian is the best way to get the correct diagnosis and treatment process started. Prevention is the key to keeping your pigs healthy.  Your veterinarian can recommend the ideal parasite prevention program for your farm.

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