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How to Treat your Dogs Upset Stomach Naturally

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"How to Treat your Dogs Upset Stomach Naturally"
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As an ex- veterinary nurse, I can tell you the most common call to the veterinary surgery is "my dog has an upset stomach, what should I do?"

Firstly you need to check a few things to determine if this is really just an upset stomach, or something more serious. If you can answer yes to any of the following questions I would advise you to seek veterinary care.

Is your dog vomiting? If it is vomiting, is there any blood in the vomit?

Is your dog dehydrated? To check, pull a pinch of loose skin away from your dogs neck. The skin should ping back instantly. If it stays raised for a second, or retracts slowly they are dehydrated.

Is there any blood in the feces?

Has your dog been ill for more than twenty-four hours?

Does your dog feel hot? ie, they have a temperature.

Is your dog obsessively drinking?

Has your dog eaten a poisonous substance?

Okay, so hopefully you have answered no to the above questions and we are just dealing with an upset stomach. Your dog will probably be feeling very sorry for himself and may mope around the house. Make sure he has somewhere warm and comfortable to lay down.

The first natural cure is to starve your dog for twenty four hours. This may sound extreme but it is actually how dogs behave in the wild. They often have to binge eat, but then go without food the next day until they make another kill. It is actually quite good to empty their stomach and let the offending germ pass through their system.

Always make sure your dog has access to fresh clean water at all times.

If your dog's stomach settles during the twenty four hour fast, you need to introduce them to a small amount of bland food. The best one I have found is steamed chicken and plain rice. It is a very light meal that is easily digested. Make sure the chicken is cooked thoroughly and then set it aside to cool. It is best served at body temperature.

The best food I've found to tempt a dog that is off his food is oxtail soup. Make sure you buy, or make one without onions as the onions will give your dog diarrhea ( which is what we are trying to cure!) Again serve it at body temperature. Once your dog has started to eat again you can now offer them the steamed chicken and rice.

Now you might laugh at this one, but mint has long been known to have a calming influence on the gut. Simply make your mint tea as normal, and allow it to cool. Offer small dogs up to one mug per day. Large breeds can have up to three mugs a day.

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