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The Bernedoodle is not a pure breed of dog, but rather, it is a hybrid breed of dog that is comprised of the Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog. Due to this mixing of breeds, it is not always easy to determine what any individual dog will be like. That will depend largely on how much of each of the original breeds that they have in them as well as what floats to the top on the genetic make up. It will also depend on whether the mix was of two pure-bred parents or if the parenting dogs were both mixes themselves. This mating of two mixed breed dogs is what is referred to as a multi-generation cross.

Although a litter of pups cannot necessarily be pre-determined regarding what they will look or act like in any exact way, there are some characteristics that do seem quite common in the Bernedoodle. The following are brief descriptions of the physical and personal characteristics of the Bernedoodle in general that may help you decide if this is the dog that would be a good fit for you or for your family.

*Physical Characteristics

The Bernedoodle is a large-sized dog that should not be overly fatty, but rather, they should be sturdy and well-muscled. Their bodies should be proportionate in appearance. The Bernedoodle usually weighs in excess of fifty pounds when fully mature and stands over twenty-one inches tall when measured from the ground to the withers.

The head is round and the muzzle is average length. The nose is black with open nostrils. The round-shaped eyes are black, as well, and they hold an expression of sensitivity and friendliness. The soft, silky ears are held in the dropped position, hanging down the sides of the head. They must be kept clean and dry, and checked regularly for any signs of infection.

The coat of the Bernedoodle is dense and of medium length. It is usually very soft to the touch and may have a wave or curl to it, as the Poodle's does. The breed's coat color is either solid black, solid brown, brown and black, brown and white, black and white, or tri-colored. The coat of this breed requires regular care in order to keep it shiny and healthy, as well as free of debris that can get stuck in the fur. They will need to be brushed thoroughly at least once per week to ensure that there is no matting. The dog can be bathed when absolutely necessary, but this should not be done too often as it will strip the coat of the natural protective oils the dog has.

*Personal Characteristics

Bernedoodles are incredibly intelligent dogs and highly trainable. Both of the originating breeds are smart dogs and the Poodle is considered one of the smartest breeds of any. They should be trained and socialized early in life so that they understand what is expected of them and what to expect. Good human to canine communication is essential for success, otherwise your dog will become confused and frustrated, and so will you. Training must be consistent, with the human establishing his or her position as "pack leader" from the start. They will respond best to this calm firmness from their owner, as well as plenty of praise for a job well done.

The Bernedoodle has plenty of energy and should be kept both mentally and physically stimulated in order to prevent them from developing undesirable behaviors, such as destructiveness or obsessive barking. They should be taken on at least a long, brisk walk daily and have some time to run freely and play off the leash, as well.

They are attentive to their surroundings, giving a deep bark to alert their owners if there is anything amiss. They are not aggressive by nature, but will usually protect their families if they feel that there is true danger. These dogs are sweet and affectionate, with plenty of love to give. They make excellent pets for families, bonding strongly with the people around them, and typically doing well with all ages, as well as other pets.

Bernedoodles are very loyal and some of the sweetest dogs around who will be a true friend to those who love them. They do well with children, being very gentle and patient, and are usually fine with other pets. They do require time and attention in order to truly thrive, but if you have that to give, the Bernedoodle may be just what you are looking for.

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