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In the world of dogs and other pets, there are always that small handful that are difficult to tame and love to bounce around and play. Some people disregard these hyperactive pooches as being unintelligent and stupid, only being active because they do not know what to do with their active minds. This is a myth, active and full of energy dogs are just as smart and their activity makes them little balls of fun, even if it can be exhausting. Here are some hyperactive dog breeds you are wanting to have, or steering clear from.

The Beagle -

Beagle dogs are very cute and easily amused. They find adventure in many things and stick their nose into everything. They are cumbersome and fun loving and make a great pet for young children who are also adventurous. They can get out of hand at times because they are nosey and can be loud, but bear in mind they used to be hunting dogs, so they also like to try and catch birds outside. They need a fair amount of training if you wish for them to stop.

The Pekinese -   

Pekinese dogs may look boring, but they are actually indeed a little handful. They love getting into the kitchen to find food and love to run around the house. They are also dominating and bark at any stranger they encounter for the most part, (although some have a more calm temperament). They do love to play so remember to get plenty of toys for them.

The Basenji -

These dogs are known for their insane sounding barks, they sound as though they are singing or laughing and it can be quite annoying for some people, for others, it is adorable. They are also very active and enjoy running in open places. They are unpredictable as well so this is what the most common annoyance with them is, although being random can be cute especially with children who like to be hyperactive with the dog. Another thing about them, is that its hard to predict if they want to play or sleep, as they have a sleepy gaze to their eyes, which makes them even more arbitrary.

Hyperactive dogs make the world a bit more fun, so whether or not its your choice in having one, they will always be around to nip at your toes! Just to be clear, all dogs do not act the same and these dogs show it!

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