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Ideas to keep Puppies Busy and Entertained

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"Ideas to keep Puppies Busy and Entertained"
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There are way ways to keep a puppy entertained. Many people do not realize that a puppy needs a lot of movement and activity through out the day so they do not go stir crazy. There are many ideas by which an owner can satisfy the puppies’ curiosity.Dog toys are a good way to stimulate a puppy. Chew toys and rawhide bones will keep many busy puppies for hours. A puppy can need a good tooth brushing if the bones are not one is made to help clean teeth. Chew toys are healthy for the puppy and gets mental stimulation for the animal.

Walks along the beach or the neighborhood will allow the puppy to explore new territories. Walking the dog on a daily basis will become a habit that the dog enjoys being part of. They will be able to bond with their owner after their owner comes home from work if a walk is part of the daily routine. This will lessen the chances of a puppy chewing on shoes or wetting in the house because they are getting a chance to be outside. A puppy like a baby thrives on consistent routine.

Letting them, play with other puppies is a good way to keep them entertained. Many puppies love playing with other animals that have just as much energy as they do. As long as both dogs are socially receptive to the other animal, spending time with other dogs is a great idea.

Throwing balls or sticks to them and having them play fetch is good exercise. This helps the dog burn off all of their energy and will make them sleep well though the night. Many dogs enjoy this because they are being played with while being mentally stimulated from this activity. Dogs that are getting routine exercise usually have a happier temperament.

A wonderful idea is letting the puppy swim in the ocean or lake while the owner has a picnic or goes fishing. Puppies that can swim should be encouraged to do so. This great activity will keep the animal healthy due to the amount of exercise that it is receiving. Many studies have shown that puppies that get regular exercise such as swimming have fewer heart problems as they get older.

Going for car rides is very amusing for some puppies. They will hang their head out the window and pant happily. If an owner wants to go for a drive or do a few errands, then taking the puppy is a wonderful idea. The puppy will enjoy being outside and being with their owner in a new environment.

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