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Information on how to Make Homemade Pet Shampoo

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"Information on how to Make Homemade Pet Shampoo"
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If you have ever tried to bathe a cat you know that they will literally fight tooth and nail to escape this experience. Water is not their favorite things and neither is shampoo. There are many shampoos on the market that can be purchased but there is also a recession and you can learn how to make homemade cat shampoo.

Cats are naturally clean in fact they spend most of their waking hours cleaning themselves but what about the areas they can't reach? We have to intervene at times to help them, and not always at their request, but it is something that must be done occasionally. Instead of bringing home shampoos from the store why not try to make your own. To your relief and probably your cat's relief as well there is a dry shampoo that you can make at home. This shampoo doesn't hold any chemicals, soaps or anything that would be potential harmful to your cat.

To make this shampoo you will need oatmeal, bran, or cornmeal, a baking sheet, a bath towel and a cat brush. Once you have all these items together place the oatmeal, cornmeal or bran on your baking sheet and place in your oven on a low temperature. Leave it in there until it becomes warm when you touch it. Start by applying the warm oatmeal to your cat's coat. Rub the oatmeal into the fur until you have reached the skin. Take the towel and rub the fur all over to remove any debris that may be on the fur such as loose dirt, oil, and grime. When you have cleaned the fur take the brush and brush your cat off. This may not be your cat's favorite method of cleaning but compared to water it is the best alternative.

Some cats are adjusted to taking a bath in water, especially if you have started when your cat was a kitten. If this is the case then there are wet shampoos that can be made at home. You can do this by mixing one cup of all natural dish soap with a cup of organic apple cider vinegar. Add 1/3 of a cup of natural glycerin and a quart of water that has been filtered. Place the mixture into a clean spray bottle and use it the next time kitty needs a bath. Spray the mixture onto your cat's fur and lather him up. Don't get this mixture into his eyes it could cause some irritation. Rinse with warm water. You can repeat this process immediately if you need to. Your cat may not appreciate this but you will love the idea of knowing your cat is clean and the smell is wonderful.

Bathing a cat can become pretty horrific at times especially if your cat is not use to the procedure but it is something that must be done. There is no known procedure that will make your cat accept water fully but they can get use to it. Maybe when you learn how to make homemade cat shampoo you and your cat's life will get a little easier, especially when you have an option between wet and dry shampoo.

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