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When you see a Missouri Fox Trotter in motion, one of the first things you notice is their regal appearance and the poise with which they move. Their whole body moves in perfect rhythm from the nose to the tail.  Another aspect you might notice is that the rider doesn't do any bouncing around and if you have back problems you may just have found the perfect horse.

Many years ago, Missourian settlers began crossbreeding several different breeds, in the hope that they would come up with the ideal horse for the rough terrain in which they lived. Now, the settler’s ideas were to produce a horse that could do about everything that needed to be done around their homesteads. They would need to be able to go from hauling logs, herding cattle, and working in the fields, to becoming a fashionable buggy horse or riding horse.

These settlers accomplished their great feat through many years of hard trying work when they produced the final product, the Missouri Fox Trotter. The horses were favorites with their owners with any kind of job that needed to be done. They were very surefooted no matter what kind of country they were traveling through and their riders could have complete confidence that their horse would get them to their destination safe and sound.

The Missouri Fox Trotter became known far and wide for their distinct gait called the Fox Trot. In this gait, the front feet walked while the back feet trotted, causing them to give a supremely smooth ride. Their riders never had to worry about getting jolted off their horse's back because they barely moved at all. 

They are very popular with young or inexperienced riders because they can focus more on the things around them then worrying about their balance and falling off. Those who love to ride but have had to give up this sport because of back pain or some such thing, have the wonderful opportunity of once again enjoying this wonderful activity with one of these great horses. With their unique gait there is practically no up and down movement.

1948 marked the beginning of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association when a group of men got together deciding upon the necessary requirements for a horse to be registered. During the following years these horses have grown in popularity and there are now more than 42,283 horses registered. More than ninety percent of these horses are used in pleasure, trail riding, endurance and competition.

If you are looking for a smooth and comfortable riding or competition horse now is a great time to expand a little bit and try a Missouri Fox Trotter. For not only will you get a great ride but you will get a willing partner and a good companion. No matter how old you are or what your ambitions are, one of these amazing animals could be just what you are looking for.


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